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Charles & Lina: A Complete Paradise

STEP IN THE NAME OF GLAM Blissfulness is the order of the day. Wedding ceremonies have to offer a moment of reverie, one way or the other. This is why planners, and vendors alike always recommend items and features that would give your special day a touch of...

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The Cokers: Simple Love

PRIVATE AFFAIR A wedding is a wedding! It doesn't have to be small or big-- it only has to be you. Yes, big weddings and Instagram trends are the talk of the day. In fact, society has influenced our thoughts by making it seem like you either have a big wedding or you...

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Jeremy & Maame: Together Forever

COLORFUL CLASSICS What is life without color? Lifeless! Knowing that color is what brightens our lives, is the one valid reason why you need to pick 'em right on your wedding day. Not only does it make your event beautiful, but it enhances the memories captured. Yup,...

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Augustina & Edwin: Happily Ever After

GET WITH THE PROGRAM Weddings in Ghana have evolved over the years. We no longer live in the times where you just need flowergirls and page boys to have a 'cute' wedding. So many different and interesting concepts have been introduced to the wedding process...and...

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The Ashanti Way

A CLASSIC TOUCH OF KENTE Tradition is always beautiful. No matter where you go, it is your culture that makes you stand out. And my oh my, the Ashantis have one of the richest cultures. Just take a look at those brilliant kente colors, the prestigious gold...

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Wedding Themes for 2018

THEMES WE RECOMMEND THIS YEAR Every wedding ceremony is centered on a theme, believe it or not. Your wedding invitations, cake and favors are great ways to show off your wedding theme to guests. Over the years, themes have come and gone, but a few stayed too. Last...

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