Charles & Lina: A Complete Paradise


Blissfulness is the order of the day. Wedding ceremonies have to offer a moment of reverie, one way or the other. This is why planners, and vendors alike always recommend items and features that would give your special day a touch of paradise.

Many presume that glamour at weddings are overrated or are overly expensive, and they may be right. But who says glamour has a criteria? There are so many ways you can have a classy wedding, at a moderate cost read article on having a luxury wedding on a budget.

For modern couples, with a knack for design, your wedding theme is a great way to showcase your love for the contemporary. And the good thing is, you do not have to incorporate everything to give off that impression. You only need to tweak a few things in your decoration & overall wedding setup, and you’re good to go.

So here are some ideas to help you plan a mini utopia for your wedding or any other event.

Charles and Lina’s super chic wedding affair



Semi-bold florals, clear decor, fresh greenery or pyrotechnics lead the way in 2019. Here are five (5) ways you can combine or use elements individually:


1. All Clear

Clear decor have taken over the scene greatly. Planners and stylists are opting for ghost chairs and tables to produce a floating effect. Acrylic chairs allow all the elements around them to shine as they are literally transparent. Vellum paper for invitations and table setups are also in style.

Mason jars instead of regular glasses for cocktails and drinks are top-notch. You can easily combine all of these to have a classy, trendy event.


2. White Minimalism

Going hand in hand with clear decor is a touch of white in everything. “Sticking with an all-white design, whether in your florals, tablescape decor, or reception and ceremony backdrops, is a modern wedding technique that is always in style,” says top wedding planner, Kathleen Deery.

Just like clear decor, this can bring more contrast and shed the spotlight on other colorful items you would incorporate in your wedding theme. So you should definitely consider an all-white design in terms of backdrops, florals and tablescape decor.


3. Florals and Greenery

We don’t know how it happened but we do know green is leading the way! Garden weddings and fresh greenery for decor is perfect and blends with all Ghanaian seasons.

Meanwhile everyone is toning down with their colors these days, so gradually bold florals are losing their prominence. Yet still, as a great match with clear decor, it would be wise to pick floral designs which standout. Another option is to go monochrome different tones/shades of the same color with your color choices.


4. Pyrotechnics & Lighting

This right here is the ultimate feature of a glamorous wedding. Pyrotechnics are simply a display of sparks or fireworks. In recent times, the variations are unending. Talk about ice fountains, snowfall effects, low smoke to virtually smokeless projection; you cannot go wrong with pyrotechnics.

Lighting is also very important if you want to have a contemporary event. Renting a chandelier or installing uplighting features would not only light up the venue, but add a royal sparkle to it.


5. Cake Goodness

Trendy weddings carry an element of modernity throughout most, if not all details the cake notwithstanding. Instead of huge wedding cakes, opt for a tow-tier one with a perfect balance of playfulness and elegance.

This means more splashes of gold, lighter blues and patterns/shapes on the cake’s design.


Other ideas include creating custom dance floors and adding candlelight to give your night some more romance.



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