Fred & Ivie: A Perfect Union


And so the adventure begins. When love meets a beautiful ceremony like this, we cannot help but be in awe. It also makes us wonder; how much work goes into putting up such flawless events?

In this article, we’d outline the complete wedding process and the relevance of each step. Shall we?

Fred & Ivie during their pre-wedding shoot. Photography by @Fotodepotgh



When you hear that a couple tied the knot, they probably went through at least three (3) of these processes. Let’s briefly expand on them below:

1. The Proposal

This is the first step to every union. Before anything happens, there should be an official proposal usually by the man (groom). It is relevant to create a smooth and healthy relationship between the man and the woman. Now the interesting thing is, it can be as simple as proposing over dinner to extravagant as staging a scavenger hunt, depending on the type of couple. However, the most common proposal styles are those done on important days of the bride’s life, for instance, her birthday; or those done at famous locations.


2. The Pre-Wedding

Right after the agreement, couples arrange for an official photoshoot in what is normally called a pre-wedding event. This step is also important as it signifies a move from boyfriend/girlfriend to fiancé/fiancée and outdoors the new couple to the world. Like explained, these pictures are shared to friends and family to ginger them up for the big day.


3. Bachelor’s Night/Bachelorette Party

The fun part of the wedding process begins with these parties! The bachelor’s night or bachelorette party is organized by your friends to honour your single life, spend time with them and have a lot of fun. It is believed as the last night of being single and the ‘wild’ things that go on that night serves as a reminder of ‘what you would be missing’ after tying the knot. The good part of these parties, though, is that they offer time off wedding planning to relax, completely without getting distracted.


4. The Engagement

Often called ‘engagement’ is the traditional marriage ceremony — usually done in anticipation of the ‘main’ wedding. Interestingly, this is a misconception. Most people do not know this but the engagement ceremony brings together not only the couple but the family as well thus validating it as the marriage in itself. Over here, families and friends join to affirm the union and celebrate the newlyweds in a rather cultural manner, differing from tribe to tribe.


5. The Church/White Wedding

Right after the couple is officially and traditionally wed, they can proceed with the ‘white’ wedding to complete the circle. This is where couples have their grandest and most lavish setups for the crowd expected is larger and the time constraint is typically non-existent; unlike traditional weddings. While white weddings, in Ghana, are fundamentally not compulsory, they are recommended because of their elegance and flexibility. You are at more liberty to decide color schemes, seating, outfit styles, decoration, catering and extra party activities.


Therefore, like we said in the introduction, there’s a lot that goes into marriage ceremonies. Yet like the saying goes, “nothing worth having comes easy.”😉



  • Planning & Decor: @Signaturecreationsgh
  • Coordination: @Florineventures
  • Videography: @Blayzpictures_
  • Photography: @Fotodepotgh
  • Bride’s traditional outfit & Reception dress: @Pistisgh
  • Blessing dress:
  • Groom’s Agbada & Groomsmen outfit: @tdacouture
  • Girls fabric: @trendyfabrics.Gh
  • Groom’s suit: @Reiss
  • Kente: @prestigekente
  • Security: @Goldmaxx_security
  • Poffertjes: @panandcook


  • Ice cream: @Thecoolscoop
  • Starters: @Redchilligh
  • Cocktails: @theMobilebar Souvenirs @Lush_n_lilies
  • Bridal Fan:
  • Dessert: @Frootbouquets
  • MC: @Kabutey_my_MC
  • After Party MC: @Tosanwilts
  • DJ: @DJ_Baylor
  • Bride’s hair: @coloursby_k
  • Bridal hair styling: @revupsalongh


  • Makeup: @mZl4wson
  • Brownies: @withlovebyannie
  • Caterers: @VillaGracegh @chef_atsu
  • Violinist: @calvin_gyasi
  • Saxophonist: @labanjsax
  • Bridal robe: @Bride_app
  • Cake: @sugar_n_spicegh
  • Photobooth:
  • Hostesses: @melange_management
  • Drink service: @bottlessolutions
  • Local Bar: @abbeeschillbox

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