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If we were all offered the chance to see tomorrow before it came, we would take it, right? This is why pre-wedding counselling is an important step in every marriage.

Marriage is a journey many have taken, and knowing that there’s nothing new under the sun, makes it even more essential to seek advice. Yet the question still stands, who do we take the best advice from? In an era where everything has been made public, due to social media and connectivity, there is so much noise around. So how do you block out the noise to absorb the right information?

In this article, we are going to talk about the available sources for marriage advice and how to leverage each of them to your advantage for personal growth. Let’s get right to it!

Soon-to-be newlyweds, Abigail and her beau, Mr Akuffo. #DNA2020. Shot by @epicmomentsgh



From professional marriage counsellors to religious leaders, parents, blogs, and the society at large, here are the most relevant sources of marriage advice today:


1. Parents

The home is the first place for everything. You live and you learn the basics of life from the home, and marriage essentials are no different. Of course, you would not be looking to emulate the marriage of your parents, but a fair share of how you would handle yours comes from what you grew up seeing.

So before taking the bold step of getting married, have a sit down with your parents. It is more effective if you approach each of them separately. Listen and learn on how to have a successful marriage from the people who care about you the most. Their experiences are surely some of the best to benefit from.


2. Relationship Counsellors

Relationship counsellors may come across as professionals to approach when there’s a strain your relationship. However, they have a tank of knowledge to draw from even before the lifelong marriage relationship begins. Research on the various counsellor services available in your city/town and book sessions with them. Their professionalism would go a long way in preparing you for the journey ahead.


3. Religious Leaders

This is the most common and widely accepted source of pre-marital counselling. And it is so because it works! Religious leaders may not be certified psychologists, but they sure bring one priceless element to the table spirituality. Sometimes in life, it only takes a higher power to set things right. This is why it helps to seek advice from religious leaders. They combine the ups and downs of everyday life with what the word of their deity says. Such a blend is impeccable.


4. Friends

Quite unpopular is the advice we get from friends. However, the key here is to speak to your married friends for insights on marriage and tips on having a happy marriage. Since you handpicked your friends, the chances of you getting quality advice from them are higher. Again, with them being in similar age groups as yourself, it is easier to relate to counsel coming from them.


5. Internet Blogs/ Social Media & Society at Large

Lastly, the world wide web is rich with great advice and tips about life. Nevertheless, we cannot ignore the fact there’s as much ‘gibberish’ as there is quality. The key is to find the balance; by researching and choosing one or two points of contact. By recommendations and personal preference, you should be able to decide on which marriage blog or relationship social profile to stick to for advice every now and then.

And for the society at large, carefully observe and listen to what goes on around without being a gossip. Who knows? You might learn a thing or two for your benefit.




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