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There’s nothing more memorable than living it up at your wedding. However, making your wedding an unforgettable experience for your guests is also as important; if not more. “There are probably 50 to 250 more people who are also choosing to spend five-plus hours with you, so it is important to keep their comfort and enjoyment in mind,”  says wedding planning expert, Amy Nichols.

Yet like we always say —there’s no need to break the bank. For every event, there are many ways to achieve your goal without having to spend too much. Therefore, here are three (3) suggested ways to ensure your guests attend the most fun wedding reception ever:

Javis and Edith having the time of their lives on their big day. Shot by @reflex_images




1. Comfort is key

First things first, keep your guests comfortable. Nothing spoils the fun more than discomfort so try to avoid that at all costs. How do you do this? Be in control of all situations. For instance, opt for a late afternoon/evening reception or provide proper ventilation to avoid heat rent outdoor fans or have an indoor event.

Also, ensure the area is well fumigated before the event to prevent insects from having a field day. Be ready with amenities like restrooms full of essentials that your guests might need running water, soap, sanitizers or even little extras like mints, safety pins, or a sewing kit.

When your guests feel taken care of, there is no doubt your party will pop off.


 2. Enough food for everyone

The saying, “everyone is in such a good mood when they’ve eaten well,” by E.A. Bucchianeri sums it up. Nothing comes close to arriving at a wedding reception where everything already ran out. If you cannot afford an extravagant wedding, at least make sure that your guests are well-fed. Arrange with your caterer and bartender for a coordinated flow of food and drink, so that at any point in time there is availability. After all, what’s a party without enough to eat and drink?

3. Surprise Entertainment


All epic events have an element of unexpected moments. After opening the dancefloor ― as early as possible by the way ― the next thing is to throw in a surprise. And the good thing is you can be overly creative with this. You can choose between hiring a performer in any of the arts to introducing wedding games at your event. Other ideas include a personalized photo booth, a guest book, customized party bags, a DIY cocktail bar, a choreography or even a prank 😄.

Let your mind explore while you plan the best event of your lifetime. 



  • Photo: @reflex_images
  • Video: @rippleeffectgh
  • Make up: @h.o_beautybar
  • Grooms attire: @chocolateclothesglobal
  • Groomsmen attire: @ahoma_clothing
  • Cocktails: @themobilebar
  • Desserts: @abele.walls
  • Cake: @pinkpandabakery
  • MC: @jerryadjorlolo
  • DJ: @dj_adom
  • Event: @whitechalktheplanner


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