Reginald & Gloria: Serene Love


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Holding a simple wedding is one of the most advisable things to do in 2020 — current events and happenings have taught us so.

However, even if we didn’t know what we do now, planning a small wedding has always had its advantages. You may think that saving money is the only perk, but this article will give you more reasons to think otherwise. For instance, a smaller, more intimate wedding can unlock a lot of additional creative possibilities in terms of the setting, as well as elements for both the ceremony and reception.

So if you ever thought of having a small wedding, we’re here to give you that push. Keep reading.

Gloria with all the glory on her wedding day. Shot by @kofi_africa_photography



1. The Money Advantage

Let’s be clear —  a small wedding does not mean a cheap wedding. But like we said in the beginning, saving money is one of the many perks for considering this. By forgoing a large, expensive wedding ceremony, couples are able to allocate their money to other priorities. Perhaps they refocus that money into planning a honeymoon, purchasing a car or a house or investing in something that would yield more rewards later. After all, weddings are just one day events with little to no actual yield.


2. The Intimacy Advantage

Moments are what make events memorable. When couples choose a small simple wedding, they’re able to focus less on the “long to-do list” and more on the moments. Think about it; your guest list is shorter, expectations are lower and there’s all the time in the world to enjoy each other’s company.


3. The ‘Difference’ Advantage

If you were wondering how to do something unique and create an unforgettable memory, small weddings are the thing for you. It gives you the room to experiment with several ideas and elements from decor to food & drink to the venue or even photography. You can do away with all the ‘generic’ and fancy stuff; replacing them with DIYs and personalized souvenirs.


4. The List Advantage

Having a tough time cutting down your list? Announce your plans of a small wedding and be free of all worries. It’s the one sure way of reducing numbers — especially when you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. People are far less likely to take it personally if they don’t make the cut and you’ll feel less guilty also.


At the end of the day, there’s beauty in simplicity. The more simplicity that can be added to the start of a marriage, the better.



  • Make up: @afriyie__
  • Decor: @milddy_kdecor
  • Brides Kente: @Phosua_detailed
  • Grooms outfit: @jamesluck.apparel
  • Shoes: @asos
  • Bridal accessories: @oheneyere_couture & @diya_accessoire
  • Hair: @exotictrendz
  • Rings:
  • Second dress: @ninashfashion
  • Kente: @sarvidabonwirekente
  • Photography @kofi_africa_photography
  • Videography @jb_visualss

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