ERNEST & REJOYCE: That Wedding Glow


Love makes everything glow, that’s a given. But you know what else gives a glow? Accessories!

After finding outfits for a wedding, accessories should be the next thing you think about. Those veils, jewels and pearls are what would take your entire look to the next level. Whether you’re the bride or the groom, you have to be sure of what would fit your style. And there’s a thin line between accessorizing properly and doing too much.

Ernest nailing it with the accessories for his traditional marriage


To come off unique at your wedding, you need a style guide. Here are our top tips for both brides and grooms when selecting wedding accessories.



1. Tiaras & Veils

Why are tiaras worn by brides? Well, tradition has it that only married women could wear tiara. So it only made sense that brides rocked those crowning glories on their wedding day.

Now tiaras have evolved over the years — from huge crowns down to simple pearly white ones. So depending on your taste, and your other accessories, you should pick one that matches. We recommend a simple, crystal one which would fit everything else, including veils.

Veils, on the other hand, give off a more vintage yet classy look to brides. Like we said above, you can use your tiara to set off your veil perfectly. But if you’re not into either looks, you can simply opt for hairbands, slides or sparkly haircombs.


2. Matching Metals

You don’t necessarily need to match your bridal accessories to your engagement ring and wedding band exactly, but use that as an easy guide. Some metals go well with certain colors — ivory, for instance is best paired with gold. But if you’re going to go pure white for your gown, choose accents in silver or platinum or with pearl detailing — gold may be too much to go with pure whites.

Another useful tip is to follow the flow of the embellishments on your gown. That means, if your dress already comes with beadwork for example, pick accessories in colors that match with those. Off-white color beads look amazing with yellow gold or rose gold jewels.

When going for earrings, try to balance them out with your headpieces. If you’re wearing a fairly large tiara or headpiece, then don’t add a pair of chandelier sparklers to your ears — because your look would be too much. Also, if you’re leaving your hair down and over your ears, small studs or drops will do.

Meanwhile, for necklaces, let your neckline be the deciding factor. If your neckline is off-shoulder, a bold necklace would make a statement (remember then to keep those earrings simpler). Or still keep it simple with a string of pearls or a simple gold/silver chain with a pearl drop. However, if the neckline is high or ornate, you wouldn’t need a neck piece at all.


3. Purses and Shoes

Lately, a bride doesn’t need to hold one — her maid of honor clutches unto that on her behalf. If you have to, however, then do it right. A small, pretty beaded clutch is essential to have at hand, just to contain some tissues, and makeup items.

For shoes, get creative with them. Don’t forget: You’ll be standing for long periods of time, and you don’t want to be in pain before you’ve even hit the dance floor. Unless your dress isn’t long enough, you can afford to wear any comfy shoes underneath; even sneakers! While shopping, consider the height of the heel, the type of straps and the material. It also helps to practise your walk in them, prior to the wedding.

Whatever makes you happy works. Just don’t compromise on your comfort.



1. Traditional Suit Accessories

After getting suited up, the next thing to consider is what would compliment it. Neckwear, cufflinks, buttonholes and pocket squares are all good options.

For a more formal look, a tie, bow-tie, cravat or scarf can be a simple but effective way to complete the outfit. Cufflinks can be vintage classics in gold or silver, personalised with initials, or symbols of the things you love. And buttonholes would let you stand out if you opt for flowers, feathers or even a special pin.


2. Belt & Shoes

There are a few fashion rules that come with wearing belts. For instance, when wearing a tuxedo, there’s no need for a belt. But if you’re rocking any other type of suit, be sure to match that LEATHER belt with the color of your shoes.

 On the other hand, suspenders do go with tuxedos and should go in place of a belt, logically. Again, make sure they’re perfect for your shoe color.

Shoes are easy to pick out: Brown, Black and Gray are all excellent choices. To be a bit modern, you can opt for dark blue/green ones or burgundy ones with a suede feel. There are also patterned shoes, which make you look a bit busier but still work.

Everything is fine except PLASTIC/RUBBER shoes.

N.B: For a trendy look, grooms can add one of the following;

  • A gold or silver watch
  • A beaded bracelet
  • Badges
  • Patterned socks
  • Sunglasses
  • Tiebars
  • African or other cultural ornaments

ERNEST & REJOYCE: #LoveTheAgyemangs


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