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Your wedding day is probably the most photographed day of your life. Everything must be on point; the decor & styling, the food setup, the lighting — and most importantly you. You are the star of the event and you need to rock the part.

This is why getting the right, long-lasting makeup done is a must. But let’s face it — nailing the perfect bridal makeup look isn’t easy. The colors could be a mismatch and ruin your entire outlook. Your face can easily go from dry to greasy in hours. Plus, your hairdo can be a complete disaster, if you overlook it.

So whether you’re enlisting the help of a professional or going down the DIY route, there’s plenty to consider. Here’s our two cents on what can be of help.

Our very own Fabloox, giving Dela the perfect wedding facebeat



Avoid making makeup blunders on your wedding day with these pointers:

1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Yes, your MUA can make you look good but the most part depends on you. Just like we wrote in our article “Bridal Bliss”, experts always recommend some sort of beauty treatment weeks to the wedding.

But the best thing to practise is hydration. Water is not only vital to life, it also has great effects on the skin.
“Drink three litres of water a day for at least two weeks before your wedding and you will notice a vast improvement. Skin will glow from within and you will also see a big difference to the appearance of fine lines and pores,” Panda Makeup UK advises.


2. Stick to the natural

Some brides end up not looking themselves on their wedding day, due to excessive makeup. Trust us sis, it’s better to be moderate with the face slay.

Gone are the days dark-skinned people found it hard getting the perfect foundation shades. Now all you need to do is to make that melanin pop. ALWAYS consider a foundation’s formula that goes with your skin type. Also, stick to the matte products if you have oily skin.

And if you wouldn’t mind, opt for the “No Makeup” type of makeup. After all, simplicity is in fashion.


3. Don’t miss the trial

You can skip a lot of things in the planning process, but please — NOT the trial.

The importance of makeup trials cannot be overemphasized. Professional makeup artist or not, a trial run is an absolute must as it “gives you the opportunity to try out different looks and refine one you like until it’s perfect”, Panda Makeup UK explains.

The best thing would be to schedule a trial months before the wedding, in order to buy time for a redo if it fails. But this comes at a cost, and if you’re not ready to bear it, don’t. Just make sure to have a trial regardless.


4. Use the right products

It’s simple — quality produces quality. So do not compromise on the type of products you’d use on your wedding day.

For instance, using waterproof mascara is a must. Then there’s also waterproof foundation to consider. Using the right tools also count because a brush, as opposed to fingers, will give you the most flawless finish.


5. Get the hair popping too

You cannot talk of bridal makeup without mentioning hair — they go hand in hand.

These days, there are countless hairdos you can rock on your wedding day. You can maintain your naturally textured coils or use sleek pressed tresses, wigs, weaves, extensions and protective braids. Whatever you choose, it’s only wise to work with a stylist months in advance to see if they fit. Also, pick a color that doesn’t offset your look.

Another factor to keep in mind when picking your hairstyle is the setting — outdoor means sweat, so you’re better off keeping it short.



  • Captured by: @solmac_studios x @legendarykofistudio 
  • Makeup by @fabloox
  • Hair by
  • Cake by @bitesnbakes
  • MC: @Kwabena_quainoo
  • Decor: @trudees_deco x @Neo_events_gh
  • Drinks: @shishis_bar_gh

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