Emmanuel & Crispina: Hearts of Gold


The kind of love that’s shown at weddings is truly beautiful. It runs through everyone family, friends, guests, and even vendors. However, this ‘love’ is portrayed in different ways, because everyone has their own role. Ultimately, each person is represented in their capacity.

Some of such interesting roles are the ones children play. Yes, children. Often, we see some of them acting as ‘flower girls’ or ‘ring bearers’. You might not know, but these roles actually have meanings attached to them.

Emmanuel & Crispina’s lovely flower girls in a dance routine at their wedding



When it comes to other bridal party roles, including page boys and flower girls, it may seem like you are just inventing a role so that your young nieces and nephews can take part in the wedding.But it’s more than just that; let’s break down their duties.

Flower Girls

Flower girls give some extra beauty and flair to weddings. But their true role is to come in before the ring bearers and page boys, to spread colorful petals ahead of the remaining bridal train. In modern times, to avoid making a mess, flowers have been replaced with bubbles. Or you find flower girls handing out balloons and lollipops to guests. This act could pass as a warm welcome to the wedding ceremony.
Again, like we can see for Crispina’s wedding, they can come together during the wedding party to perform a short dance or a recital as entertainment.

Plus they look super adorable in wedding photos.


Ring Bearers

Do not confuse this; ring bearers differ from page boys. They are next in line after flower girls and their role is simple — they ‘bear the rings’. It’s usually one young boy who walks ahead of the bride and her father, carrying in his palms the weddings rings displayed on a cushion or pillow.

Note that it is common to use fake rings on the pillow and have the best man take care of the real thing, just in case they are dropped or lost.


Page Boys

Traditionally, page boys are only included when the bride’s dress has a long tail. Their duty is to carry the tail behind the bride. These days, however, we see bridesmaids taking up this role.

So you can rather make page boys follow or pair up with flower girls, suited up in whatever outfits the groomsmen are wearing.

N.B: Page boys are supposed to be older than ring bearers.



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