Ernest & Gloria: A Bed of Roses


Everyone wants to have an outdoor event, and we cannot blame them. Just think of the sunny blue skies, the green grass and bright colors! Your guests will be certainly ecstatic to hear you’re holding an outdoor wedding…up until temperatures start to rise.

Let’s face it, Ghana is hot!
So if your wedding date happens to be around the hotter part of the year, you have to consider how your guests will hold up during the sun-filled outdoor ceremony. Plus, the issue goes beyond comfort — extreme heat can bring health implications, and you wouldn’t want that.

While you’ll never be able to control the temperature, at least you can improve the comfort of guests by providing some creative options to cool them down. We would talk about a few of them in this piece.

Looks like it got really hot at Ernest & Gloria’s wedding



Although you want guests to enjoy cooler temperatures, try to make your methods memorable. Here are some ways:


1. Hand Fans

The first, and cheapest option for keeping guests cool during a heat-wave, is by providing them with hand fans. Hand fans, like the name suggests, are fans made to fit the hand; thus are portable.

Nowadays, there are many interesting ways of customizing these fans to suit occasions. You could have your wedding program printed onto them to add a modern touch. Or you could get wicker/bamboo fans decorated with ribbons, or your initials engraved on them.


2. Cool Beverages & Snacks

There’s nothing like a cold, refreshing beverage on a hot day. Instead of ordinary bottled or sachet water, you could try serving jugs of fruit-and-mint-infused water.

Before serving hot, cooked food, consider offering cold snacks like ice cream, popsicles, smoothies or iced tea. Super-chilled canned beverages are also recommended. Just remember to serve them in ice buckets to further cool temperatures.


3. Suitable Favors

If you reckon it would be hot during your wedding ceremony, you can arrange for wedding favors that would help keep the heat down.

Sunglasses, paper parasols, sun hats, are a few examples. You can also place a package with wet towelettes and cooling face mist on each seat before guests arrive.


4. Air Conditioning

A bit of a pricey solution would be to rent A/C units. However, this would only work well if you have a semi-outdoor setup.

An alternative is to get high-velocity blower fans. These are perfect to provide a powerful breeze on a hot day. Invest well in plenty of these fans for everyone’s comfort, and place them around the seating area, the bar or anywhere else guests will gather.
Only thing is to test them for noise beforehand.


5. Shade & Venue Choices

Your setup must prioritize shade. For a venue, you can consider choosing a place that has both outdoor and indoor party areas. For instance; you can have the main event on a terrace, overlooking manicured gardens.

This way, guests can decide if they want to be outside, or comfortable inside in the air-conditioned building. Such a convenient solution, especially if many elderly people may not be able to stand the heat.

For shade in a completely outdoor venue, utilizing any type of natural shade would save matters. Using natural shade is simply about setting up under trees or around hedges. If not, rent good tents yurt or tipi tents, otherwise known as nomadic tents, are suitable enough.



  • Planning & Coordination: @Ebonyeventsgh
  • Decor: @Topaz_eventsgh
  • Lighting:
  • Photography: @Mantse_impressions
  • Videography: @tridetail
  • Makeup: @Marion_km
  • Hair : @Revupsalongh
  • Kente: @H.g_kentekiosk


  • Kente dress: @akubaorleans
  • Bridal fan: @MaryMondz_Creations
  • Bouquet: @Lavenderblushgh
  • Bridal party mkup: @rhabbys_touch
  • Mc : Favourite_mcs_mc
  • Dj: @jonell_sounds.wuushman1
  • Cake: @randacakes_and_more
  • Cocktails: @the_shane_bar
  • Local drinks : @vicca_juice_plus
  • Waiters &Coolers: @the_cooler_gh

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