Kwame & Ancilla: Strength in Love


A vital topic that rarely gets discussed around weddings is ‘health’. For anyone planning to get married, it is imperative to look into issues of health while at it. And this goes beyond testing for blood compatibility getting in shape and staying fit also counts.

Kwame and his bride, Ancilla, full of life in their pre-wedding shot.


Everyone wants to look the part on their wedding day. Sometimes just a couple of facials make a difference, but keeping a committed lifestyle is more effective. Good thing is, it does not have to cost you much. In actual sense, time and mental effort will be the two most important elements in getting fit and healthy.


Time and activeness are important, but commitment trumps them both. To succeed in any fitness plan, you need to be always motivated to achieve the end goal. Meanwhile, here are some tips to work with:


1. A Healthy Eating Routine

You do not need to starve or go on a diet you only need to eat right. One way to do this is by reading on what the body needs, especially for this wedding period.

It’s pretty common knowledge that fruits, veggies, fibre and water top the list. The rest then is up to you to decide which foods you like under the categories. Also, try to limit foods and drinks high in calories, sugar, salt, fat, and alcohol.


2. Exercise be active

A good eating plan is complemented with proper exercise routines. It’s just the simple things; you only have to do them regularly.

Take long walks at least four times a week. Try jogging or running if your body can adapt to it. It doesn’t have to be at special places like the beach or on the highway. You can go round your block several times, that’s perfect!

Swimming is also a great exercise for bagging those wedding body goals.


3. Rest

As much as possible, try to get enough rest during this wedding period. Stress is bound to creep in, but the only way to deal with it is by “setting your peace of mind as the highest goal.”

Study your body and listen to it. Whenever you see signs like headaches, sleep problems, difficulty concentrating or even short temper, you ought to take a break. 

Note that taking a break does not entail resorting to ‘bad’ habits like late eating, drinking or even smoking (stay smoke-free during this period). Remember point 1 and stick to it.

“Ten years from now you’ll laugh at whatever is stressing you out today. So why not laugh now?”


4. Precautions during the wedding

Now that you’ve nailed points 1 to 3, it’s time to plan for health on the wedding day itself.

Prevent injuries in any way that you can. Wear comfortable clothes that won’t affect how you walk, stand, or dance. Make sure your shoes are equally comfy to prevent trips and falls.

When going all out with decorations, be careful to place them right. For instance, when using candles, ensure that they are placed properly to prevent catching fire.

Regulate the amounts of alcohol served at your event and remind your guests to plan — so they can choose a sober person to drive them home. And make sure they do leave with this person.



  • Photography by @sorce_photography
  • Videography by @sorce_photography
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  • Reception dress: @bysugarkane
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  • Bridal robes: @goldbox_gh
  • Groom suit: @chrisfreemansuits
  • Grooms reception suit: @chrisfreemansuits
  • Groomsmen suits: @chrisfreemansuits


  • Decor: @purpleoystereventsgh
  • Bouquet: @Oakeventsnfloristy
  • Cake: @Crumbsnlayers
  • MC: @mysterpratt
  • DJ: @dj_adom adom
  • Brides makeup: @finessebymaanaa
  • Brides hair: @coloursby_k


  • Bridesmaids hairstyling: @hairbylizz_ COCKTAILS-happyhourgh
  • Drinks: @bottlesolutions
  • Planning & Coordination: @regalo_favourpackaging
  • Catering: ESS Catering Services

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