The Ashanti Way


Tradition is always beautiful. No matter where you go, it is your culture that makes you stand out. And my oh my, the Ashantis have one of the richest cultures. Just take a look at those brilliant kente colors, the prestigious gold ornaments or even that enviable crown. All we can say is, “Ohene gye w’ahendie”

A true depiction of the great and mighty Ashanti Kingdom, whose culture is unmatched…

In Ghana, the traditional marriage is the ‘actual’ marriage. Until colonization, there was nothing like a ‘white wedding’. That was something Ghanaians simply adopted. Therefore you don’t need a white wedding to be married; a traditional marriage alone is enough to call you “husband and wife”. Besides, no other marriage brings the two families together more than the traditional marriage.

Each tribe has their unique way of carrying out a marriage ceremony. However, for every tribe, there are similar processes involved.
For instance; the Akans, Ga-Adangmes and the Ewes all accept money & special drinks for the first step– knocking. Then there is money and gifts for the bride, her parents and her siblings; particularly the male ones. Finally, almost all tribes accept thanksgiving monies as well.

So you see, despite the heavy importance society has placed on white/church weddings, traditional marriages are exceptional and we should all embrace them.


The elegance of Kente…