Love on the Amalfi Coast


“A surprise trip to Italy turned into a beautiful sunset proposal on the Amalfi Coast!!!”were the words of excitement from Yvonne. Joey definitely swept her away with the most magical proposal she could ever dream of. Finally, she’s about to start that glorious journey with her true love, her bestfriend, her biggest fan, her superman… her everything.

“Here is to the beginning of our eternal love story my very own Superman!”

Proposals are huge, and have to be done right. Now knowing when and how to go about it is essential.
So here are some few tips on how to propose:

  • Plan for it
    It is important to give yourself sometime to plan toward a proposal. You need to be extra sure of who you want to spend your life with. After all, marriage is forever (or so they say lol). So don’t rush it, take your sweet time. Experts say an eight-week planning period is advised. One other thing is that your partner doesn’t need to be blindsided about a proposal, you can both share thoughts. Just be sure to add an element of surprise on the big day!

A beautiful long walk into forever…
  • Pick a fine location
    Some people say an old location is ideal; like where you shared your first kiss, for instance. Though recently, new locations are more recommended. You know, to create a new memory. “It will set the tone for your engagement. Forget the past and create the future,” top event planner Guerdy Abraira says. In the end, it all depends on you and your partner. Keep in mind what your partner is like. Is she shy, quiet and intimate? Or is she a spotlight queen, Instagram lover perhaps? All these help you to know what kind of location to pick.


  • Keep it to yourselves– friends ruin surprises
    As already stated, the element of surprise is the key to a proposal. Everyone must be blown away; and that includes friends and families. We all know it’s hard to keep our mouths shut about good news. So if it is that hard for you, then imagine for a third party. Try as much as possible to keep your support system small. Just one friend or relative is enough. That way everything would work out just the way you want it.



  • Propose in style
    No matter how big or small your proposal is, it must be truly memorable. So get some ideas; sweet ones, wild ones, magnificent ones. You could do some twists with the cliche proposals (which always work by the way). A ring in the champagne glass can be switched to probably the napkin. The walk on the beach can be tweaked with a swim. A ride to nowhere brings that scary twist to the proposal. Personally, we think the Valentine’s day proposal should be dropped (wayyy too cliche). Travelling out to propose is very romantic, just like Joey did for Yvonne. The Amalfi coast is just perfect! Or the Eiffel Tower…or even the Cape Coast castle haha.

“After five years together and a whirlwind suprise sunset proposal on the Amalfi Coast, Yvonne and Joey will soon walk down the aisle in a few weeks”




Photography by: @adebayoderu
Makeup by: @beautybysolange
Planning and styling by: @cristalolivierweddings
Gentleman: @joeybanks99

Till infinity is history…