Pre-Wedding Glam


The big day for Akua is drawing closer. Soon, these two-lovebirds would become one forever. But first, the world has to know about their new union. Their friends, families, colleagues, acquintances and even haters (lol) have to hear the news! So quickly, Akua and her beau arrange with a photographer and bam! They take these absolutely gorgeous photos. It is obvious the kind of love between these two. Feels as if they were already married.

Pre-wedding photography gets prevalent by the day. We like to call it the “wedding before the wedding” because it is one of the first indications of marriage; right after the knocking. On this day, there’s no pressure. You can strike your best poses because the world suddenly feels so free.

We’ll grow old together…




Soon the wait will be worthwile, for the adventure together will be everlasting…


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