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A wedding is a wedding! It doesn’t have to be small or big– it only has to be you. Yes, big weddings and Instagram trends are the talk of the day. In fact, society has influenced our thoughts by making it seem like you either have a big wedding or you don’t get married.

But here is the truth: Intimate weddings are amazing! They are personal, relaxed and refreshing. There is no pressure to impress; just do your best and leave the rest– everything eventually falls in place.

So what is an intimate/ small wedding? Well, a small wedding is one with 2-50 guests, that is, 50-100 for Ghanaians lol. Think of it as throwing a birthday party, for few friends, relatives and guests. The good news is, small weddings come with its advantages.

Here are a few:

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1. Saves you a ton of cash

Pretty obvious, a small, private affair’s #1 advantage is that it helps your budget. Why worry on how to feed hundreds of people, getting them places to sit and entertaining them? Save your cash and opt for an intimate, cheaper wedding and focus on the important people. After the wedding, you can splurge on a new car or a fancy house. Remember, the wedding is just for the day, while marriage is forever.

” The wedding is just for the day, while marriage is forever”

2. The fewer the merrier

And you know this is true! Now you can have more food, more drinks and definitely little to no drama at all. Plus security is better assured with fewer people. In addition, you can get to pay more attention to your individual guests as compared to a larger ceremony. This would make them feel more at home and really appreciated. It’s a WIN WIN, if you ask us.

3. Liberty to dream

We say this with the most certainty. A private affair gives you the chance to live your dream if you want to. Imagine having only 70 guests to cater to– you can have any venue you want, without having to squeeze space. Your wedding would become more customizable– every detail can easily come to life! Plus management and planning is much easier; mishaps can be quickly solved.

4. Better memories

This goes two ways– ones you can remember and ones you can capture. Your wedding videos and photos would be absolutely beautiful. You’d look radiant because there would be less stress and the party would definitely be ‘litter’, if you invite the right crowd.

5. Less Stress

Lots of people get stressed on their wedding days. And guess what? They have to make it to church or some other event the following day. Your wedding ceremony doesn’t have to be the most tiring day of your life. Have a smaller event and save yourself the many ups-and-downs, while having the time of your life.


Do not let anyone bully you into thinking you cannot have a cheaper wedding. Keep in mind that the marriage is more important than the wedding ceremony! And yes, you can definitely have a great wedding with GHC15,000 😉




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