Wedding Themes for 2018


Every wedding ceremony is centered on a theme, believe it or not. Your wedding invitations, cake and favors are great ways to show off your wedding theme to guests. Over the years, themes have come and gone, but a few stayed too.
Last year, we saw a lot of Ghanaians incorporating both African and Western styles and ideas in their weddings. As 2018 has barely  begun, it is fair enough to see some of our favorite themes from 2017 still being used. In fact, we have compiled a short visual list of the themes that we strongly believe would beautify any wedding this year. So check them out below:

1. Classic

A classic wedding theme shows elegance, superiority, luxury and sometimes sophistication. The usual colors for such a theme are; Black & White, Peach & Sage, Yellow & Grey, White & Gold and the popular Red & Gold. Classic weddings are timeless. Here are examples:


2. Beach/ Seaside

Seaside weddings have the aura of a Caribbean styled event. Serve summery cocktails like mojitos, coladas and greyhounds (grapefruit juice and vodka) for guests, along with refreshing non-alcoholic drinks to keep temperatures cool. Recommended colors for such themes are Teal+Purple+Green, Silver + Ivory + Beige, Sea Glass Blue + Ivory + Green, Marigold + Gold + White or you could go wild with colors like Yellow, Orange, Peach, Hot Pink etc. Here are some examples:

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3. Ethnic

“Ethnic and multicultural weddings are all about embracing one’s culture, family, traditions and color! Rich fabrics, beautiful fashion and jewelry is really what brings these events to life”, says wedding expert, Tutera. Ghana is rich with a lot of ethnicity and culture. So the only thing you need to do for this theme is to bring out the the designs and colors exclusive to your tribe. Kente is predominant in Ghana, whereas in countries like Nigeria, Aso Ebi and Gele reign. Here is an example:


4. Rustic

These are more like countryside weddings. They showcase a natural landscape, use wood in multiple ways and incorporate pieces that look like they could exist in your home or garden. Basically, a theme that shows nature. Some garden weddings use the rustic theme. Colors that fall under this theme include: Bronze + Forest Green + Black, Rust + Copper + Aqua or you can incorporate colors from any other theme. Examples are:

5. Vintage

This is a theme that would never go out of fashion. Simply because history will forever exist. Once there is a past, there is vintage. Vintage themes normally employ elements that existed centuries ago. They capture the glamour of the ’20s, the rock ‘n roll energy of the ’50s, or the free spirited vibe of the ’70s. Though uncommon in Ghana, we’d love to see a couple take us back to a wedding set in the colonial times. How lovely that’d be. Such weddings use venues usually away from urban life, somewhere abandoned or very traditional. Clothing also has to be something totally out of style; like a lace gown. Colors for this theme include Orange + Cream + Steel, Lilac + Butter Yellow + Mauve, Maroon + Apple Green, Gray + Sage, Gold + Light Blue and again Bronze + Forest Green + Black. Examples are

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