Memories that last a lifetime


These were the final words of the hired wedding planner and expert, to the couple that seemed overly ecstatic about the D-day. But they turned a deaf ear…

The two lovebirds, almost inseparable (you’d think they were already married), were so engrossed in everything else but the visuals. Often, they’d call their guests to confirm their attendance; the makeup artiste because the bride cared only about looking different, and of course the caterer because men just love food!

They paid extra attention to other details but the memories they’d have loved to relive. Yes, these other things are important..but what about the memories? The smiles on the faces of the happy guests they cared so much about…The unmistakable look of love on the couple..The tears of joy shed by the contented parents or even the You May Kiss The Bride part that even the church usher doesn’t want to miss?

Lo and behold, our happy couple were indeed disappointed by the photographer on the basis of “I was not reminded”. The only memories they got were those images and videos off the miserable mobile phones of their friends. TRAGIC!

The essence of having rich,beautiful photos and videos taken at your wedding cannot be overemphasized. Pictures are everything! Imagine 10 years down the line, when most of the love has died down and in the midst of recurrent marital disputes.
Being able to go back to relive the happiness of your special day, can be enough to bring back the spark you lost.

Nothing beats a timeless video of everything that went down during the ceremony. They refresh you in times of boredom and sometimes remind you of the reason you got married in the first place!

So PLEASE, do not compromise on getting the best and most reliable photographers & videographers to capture these special moments on your wedding day. Don’t be like the couple above who ended up with poor visuals.


You can imagine the state of their marriage now haha.