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Weddings in Ghana have evolved over the years. We no longer live in the times where you just need flowergirls and page boys to have a ‘cute’ wedding. So many different and interesting concepts have been introduced to the wedding process…and trust me, they are here to stay. In this article, we’d discuss a few of these concepts, which are bound to make your wedding lit!

Modern colorful trend for traditional weddings as depicted by Tina & Edwin



From the outfits we wear to the pre and post wedding rituals, we truly are in the new age of weddings. Here are some of the current trends:

1. Pre-Wedding Photography

Like we said in our previous article on photography, pre-wedding shoots are the new ‘cool’. You can’t get your wedding annoucement through, without a shoot. Sometimes, even churches display some of these shots to help the congregation identify the couple in question. We have no idea where this concept came from, but we sure are loving it…and keeping it too!


2. Bachelorette/ Bridal Shower

Now we all knew of bachelor parties, but when did bachelorette parties become a thing? Well, for over five years now the #Shepower movement in Ghana has been so strong. For every upcoming wedding, there’s a bridal shower. The best part is the ladies do it better! Some of the themes for these bachelorettes are so outstanding, the men must be jealous 😀

3. Engagement dinners/ parties

Another thing Ghanaians have adopted from the West are engagement dinners. Nowadays, people don’t only announce their weddings, they do it under a candlelit family & friends dinner.

Tina & Edwin


4. The Bridal Train

The almighty bridal train! This is one of the most beautiful concepts we could have ever emulated. Imagine a wedding without your bestfriends walking down the aisle, looking glam and relishing the excitement of your big day with you. Boring right? The best part is they get to pair with all the eye-candy groomsmen too 🙂

5. The Wedding Dance

If you don’t know how to dance, you’d better learn because this trend is never going away! Every wedding these days is an opportunity for vigorous dance battles. They range from a head-to-head between the couples themselves, or a face-off among the bridal train or both! Worst part is if you don’t kill it on the dancefloor, you’d be dragged on Instagram :(. Definitely the highlight of the ceremony.

6. Wedding Reception Shenanigans

You’d certainly agree that the wedding party is the main focus of the couple, especially for the bride. They put so much energy and time into planning out all the details for a perfect wedding reception. The recent decoration trends make the options even more confusing to select. There is the green grass backdrop with the couple’s initials, then the smoke & snow effects, the hanging wedding cake, the spinning champagne poppers, the neon lighting, normadic tents…in fact the list can go on and on. In 2018, your wedding better have one or all of these lol!

Again, we’ve adopted some sub wedding rituals which unfortunately did not make our list, but are still valid. For instance, the couple guessing games, the use of ‘Nigerian’ feather fans and changing of outfits, are all new things that are gradually gaining ground.




A toast to forever: Mr and Mrs Ampiah-Addison

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