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Weddings are beautiful because of the themes they follow. Working with a theme makes planning much simpler. A clear theme makes it easier to select a colour scheme, space, decoration, and more. While there are several themes to choose from, the one that many people are inclined to now is the Minimalist theme.

Minimalism is about expressing only the most essential and necessary elements, leaving out any excessive components and features. Simply put, “it is a design aesthetic where every detail is chosen for a reason.”

In this piece, we’d explore this theme, listing the various components you can adapt for your wedding.

A beautiful shot of the all-white wedding of Kwabena & Sena. Shot by Jema Photography.



Less is more in every feature of a minimalistic setting. Here’s how to do it:


1. Venue

For a minimalist look, you must select a space that is as bare as they come. It shouldn’t have many adornments no paintings or curtains or patterns to detract from the theme. You can also use gardens or clear fields. These ‘blank canvas’ spaces give you the freedom to design anyhow you want. All they need to have is clean walls in uniform colours.


2. Colours

Minimalism is dependent on colour as well. Most of the time, you only need a two-colour palette to have a minimal setting. These colours preferably should be neutral. However, you can incorporate up to five colours in one shade to be safe.

For instance, if you love pink, you can use shades like bridal blush, pale pink and pink champagne. If you opt for blue, use shades like moon, storm, jean and cloud.


3. Decor

As a minimalist, most of your effort would have to go into the decor. There is an endless number of options to pick from for a great minimalistic decor. However, the key ones include:

  • Greenery & Flowers: Make sure to add organic greens and natural flowers to your decor. You can create a personal backdrop at your entrance, for instance.
  • Rustic: The ornaments, plates, cutlery, seating etc should have a rustic feel to them. Use copper or steel silverware preferably. Naked tables  or at most, white table cloths are also recommended over other decor styles.
  • Lighting: Enhance your ambience using modest chandeliers, string lighting, votive candles, neon signs etc.


4. Catering

Since less is more, stick to a simpler food buffet than an extravagant one. Simplify the look of these dishes by using white plates, for example. You can have a brief cocktail hour with savouries and small protein bites.

For your wedding cake, avoid many tiers and use understated designs and flavours. Also, if you can, avoid toppers.


5. Attire

Keep it as uncomplicated as you can. When picking a wedding dress or suit, look for styles with clean, simple lines and a structured silhouette. Stick to soft, neutral colours like black, navy blue, grey, white, cream or taupe.



  • Planning& Coordination: @pmeventsgh
  • Bride’s gown: @pistisgh
  • Photography: @jema_photography
  • Videography: @tripledots
  • MUA: @mzl4wson
  • Hair Stylist: @revupsalongh
  • Bride’s bouquet: @frangipani_gh
  • Bridal Robes: @goldbox_gh
  • Venue and Decoration: @uniquefloralcentre


  • Cake: @pinkpandabakery
  • M.C: @mc.smilingsmith
  • DJ: @djabizzy
  • Catering: @tasty_treats_catering
  • Lighting: @highendghana
  • Cocktails: @cocktails_essentials_gh
  • Bride’s Evening gown: @ezer_gh
  • Dress up: @kempinskiaccra

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