Nana Kwame & Anita: One Step At A Time


Whatever would we do without pre-wedding photos? They are a beautiful introduction to your special union.
Once you decide to have a pre-wedding shoot, you have got to do it right. It is not only up to your photographer; you also have a substantial role to play in the process.

Let’s go through some quick tips to consider when planning those perfect photo moments…


Nana Kwame & Anita posing in excitement. Great shot by @jema_photography




1. Photographer

Choosing the right photographer, in the first place, is the basis for a successful pre-wedding shoot. A good photographer, according to renowned photographer Erik Johnson, must be detail-oriented, creative and technical to say the least.

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2. Location

Pre-wedding shoots could take us to many beautiful places we do not imagine, all thanks to the correct location. Begin to research on spots with great ambience, as soon as you decide to embark on this pre-wedding journey.
A way to make this easier is by selecting a theme. Themes have a way of letting everything play out beautifully. A traditional theme, for example, would lead you to the outskirts of town for your shoot; whereas a playful theme can be shot even on the streets.

Get creative with this and leave nothing to chance your photographer cannot do it all.


3. Props

The next ‘P’ word you have to think about is Props. Photo props make the results more interesting. All you have to look out for is the balance make sure they match the theme and everything else. The props should not look out of place or forced.

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4. Outfits

Whether matching outfits or something with a history, always remember to stay true to yourselves. Also, try to keep it simple because simplicity always works better. Remember our article on minimalism? Yup, we’re all for that trend this year.


5. Chemistry

Lastly, chemistry is everything when it comes to showing off your love. Don’t force it; just try to be comfortable and expressive during the shoot. And naturally, things would fall in place.





  • Photography :@jema_photography & @sorce_photography
  • Brides makeup: @lawrebabe_mua
  • Hairfixing & styling: @ani_nessa
  • Kente gown: @saadiasanusi
  • Kente: @goba_kente
  • Groom’s Kaftan: @grandpa_clothing
  • Earrings: @deeyahs_accesories

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