The Agyemangs: Love At Its Finest


The Ghanaian tradition is rich with beauty, and when it comes to weddings, it is even richer. Nevertheless, with every culture, there are some dos and don’ts.

For instance, there’s no way a bride should arrive at the wedding first. Also, the gifts should be presented before the bride arrives. We should all be familiar with the general ‘engagement’ routine by now. Yet there’s one more important topic we can talk about under traditional weddings the conduct of guests.


Some important guests at the Agyemangs wedding. Shot by dkshotit_photography 



Guests make your event worthwhile. In Ghana, there are some expectations of guests at wedding ceremonies. Though not set in stone, it is prudent to adhere to these “untold” rules. Let’s highlight a few:


1. Don’t wear white or black to an engagement

Most people do not know but traditionally, it’s wrong to wear white to a wedding event. This also counts for the white wedding. However, in modern times, the rules have been relaxed. Regardless, you never know which event would be strict about the rules so to be safe, avoid wearing white; or at best, try to blend it with another colour.

In contrast to the rule of not wearing white is the rule of not wearing black either. In modern times, black is still absolutely not accepted at joyous traditional events. This is because it is seen as a colour attached to bad luck worn when burying the dead. So unless it is a suit or stated as a color scheme, stay off black outfits completely.


2. Dress accordingly and with respect

Unlike white weddings, traditional weddings or engagements allow some flexibility. Take advantage of this to be creative and stylish with your African wear. ImageBe sure to keep in mind the dress code or the approved color scheme. It’s only nice to match with the bridal party.

If the event has a section taking place in the church, try to be modest in your outfit. Even if not in the church, it is still wise to not be revealing with your outfits as it drives attention and incites mumbles from the elderly especially. You are better off leaving all that for the reception party.


3. Be On-Time

Like all other events, being on time never goes out of style. Indeed, you are not the focus of the ceremony; however, it still doesn’t mean you have to be “fashionably late.” If for some reason you arrive late, quietly sit in the back without distracting the process.

Also, do not plan to ditch the ceremony only to show up for the reception. You’ve been invited as an honoured wedding guest to watch this couple get married. Play that role and everyone is happy.


Some items presented  by the groom to the bride and family at the Agyeman wedding


4. Do not assume

Being a great guest comes with courtesy. If you cannot attend an event or have to cancel last minute, do let the couple know. Everyone was invited for a purpose and it is only polite to send your congratulations along with a message stating you cannot be there.

Another important thing to avoid is showing up with someone uninvited. Don’t assume you can invite a plus-one unless it says so.


5. No Drama Allowed

Lastly, no one enjoys drama or smirks or negative comments coming from their guests. Learning how to comport oneself even when uncomfortable is key at marriage ceremonies.

Try not to project your wants or preferences when it comes to catering and drinks, for example. Manage what you are given or politely decline if it has health implications. There is no need to be fussy over it.



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