Vicentia & Nana Yaw | A Forever Memory


“The Ankus’ wedding was certainly one to remember. What started as a difficult decision to make, ended up as one of the simplest, purest and most romantic Ghanaian weddings.

Having been together for years, Nana Yaw and Vicentia’s traditional wedding was slated to happen on the last Saturday of April 2020. However, even before entering their wedding month, the harsh realities of the COVID-19 pandemic loomed and it became necessary for a Plan B.

And Plan B meant letting go of a lot. The big plans the generous attendance, lavish decorations, bountiful catering, magnificent bridal train and fabulous entertainment; all had to be scrapped off for something less extravagant yet still beautiful…


Vema distributing items to her inlaws at her traditional marriage. Shot by @aisleclicks


The day was as beautiful as they come perfect weather, less traffic and as peaceful as sleep. The venue was also set, with its bold but minimal décor. Families, officiants and guests were present but in very few numbers, just as the law had ordered. Nana Yaw and his men were first to arrive, as the culture prescribes, looking spotless and elegant. Not too long after, we witnessed the vibrance of the stunning bride, Vicentia, and her glorious bridal train enter the premises, dancing graciously.

The ceremony itself took about an hour tops, and sooner than expected, we had a new, official couple in town. Another notable thing about the event was how quiet it was. Fortunately or unfortunately, a one month ban on noise had just taken effect that week, so there was little to no music at all. We only enjoyed the melodious sounds from hymns that were sung during the ceremony.

Despite all the limitations, the event was a success. We improvised with chit-chatting and bonding in a way no other wedding could provide. There was no pressure  everyone felt among and with ironically plenty to eat and drink, nothing could go wrong. The event was crowned with an exciting photo session, where everyone took turns getting that perfect shot in front of the personalized #SAMAVIBES2020 backdrop.

So for what seemed at first like a compromise, became one of the best ceremonies I have ever attended. Again, the Ankus’ wedding is certainly one I would never forget.”

Narrative by Amanda, a bridesmaid at the ceremony.


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