Bernard & Hilda: Good Times


Weddings have moved past the ‘lovey-dovey’ to the ‘life of the party.’ Couples take delight more in planning their wedding receptions than before. And that’s just okay.

However, to hold a memorable party, there’s a lot to consider. What menu to serve, what colour scheme to use, what sort of entertainment to include and more, are things you have to plan for. For all these, you also need to throw in some elements of ‘uniqueness’.

Finding stand-out ideas is hard, but not impossible. So let’s help you find your own ‘cool’ to make your celebration exceptional.


Bernard and Hilda, hand in hand for their charming pre-wedding shoot. Shot by @ekowarkorful 



Here’s some inspiration for a one-of-a-kind wedding event:

1. Surprise Entertainment

Everyone loves a good surprise. So giving your guests some form of entertainment they don’t expect is unique enough. You could have a big “wow” moment with confetti canons or late-night fireworks. Another interesting one is putting up a form of performance yourself; like singing a song or doing a proper dance routine. The icing on the cake would be inviting an unanticipated celebrity guest performer.


2. Personalized Gifts

Wedding planners worldwide have found it worthwhile for couples to include an unexpected gift for guests. Customized wedding gifts are top of the list when it comes to this. You could give out welcome bags of calligraphed chocolate bars, cocktail kits, a selection of scented oils, custom-made bottle openers, sleep kits, fans, temporary tattoos for a photo snapshot, and many more.

You can check out our article on interesting wedding favours for extra inspiration.


3. Rare Decor

Your wedding decor can make your wedding unique from the get-go. Nail this and you’d not need to incorporate anything else. Experiment with less popular colours and themes such as a neon theme over the typical luxe themes. Decorate the venue with artsy paintings over the flowery artefacts. Create a seating chart wall with guests names calligraphed onto take-home framed artwork. 

Be creative with your seating. You could go for a loungy setup or a minimalistic seating style. Your lighting could go up a notch with string lights, taper candlelights, lanterns, chandeliers, lighted vases or trees and more.


4. Party Games

The fun is never complete without games. Turn your reception into a vibe with some engaging party games. Not only is this an unforgettable experience, but could create the opportunity for networking.

Some amusing wedding games include the wheel of fun; where there’s a custom wheel of activities that can be spun throughout the reception, the shoe game, piñata swings, ‘truth or dare’ sessions, karaoke etc. You can also make available board games on each table to get guests interacting even before your entrance. Setting up a photo booth or passing round a guest book do not classify as party games but it sure is enough to keep guests excited about your ceremony.


5. Transportation

You can get creative with how you the couple or guests move to and during your event. If you plan on shuttling your guests in, you can try using antique cars, vintage trucks, carriages, yellow school buses or even a party bus.

Ushers at the ceremony can be in roller skates, for a change if you dare. And if you can afford over-the-top transportation, perhaps a trip in a hot air balloon would be extraordinary.


There are several other ways of leaving your guests in awe. You can tweak your food menu, make alternative music plans and others we would discuss in another blog post. Just don’t forget to not exceed the budget while at it.



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