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Colour schemes go closely with themes and themes are a large part of wedding ceremonies. Choosing colours for your wedding often go beyond the decor; they also count for you and your bridal party.

In this article, we have the ultimate guide for picking the right palette for your weddings and engagements. Let’s get right into it.

Michelle and her ladies repping the pink colour palette in grand style. Shot by @bryan_kaydee  



The right colour depends on several factors and it helps to assess each of them when planning a wedding. Here are a few of them:


1. Season

Seasons come and go but with each season comes a colour that fits every occasion. For instance, in the hot summer season, colours like orange, pale pink, coral, lilac and gold. Yellow, Green and shades of blue do better during the wetter seasons. In the colder, harmattan seasons, deeper reds and  Be sure to research on which seasonal colour to fuse with your favourites for your wedding.

2. Skin Tone

Certain colours look better on certain tones of skin. Knowing your complexion and what would compliment it counts in giving you that radiant bridal look. This also extends to what your bridesmaids would be wearing. Once it fits with your tone, the next step is selecting a colour that matches your pick. For instance, darker skin tones, colours like gold, white, red and emerald are perfect fits. So if you choose to go with red for your engagement, it would be a great pair if your bridesmaids wear gold, grey or peach.

Conversely, for lighter skin tones, green, baby pink, brown, grey and lavender are excellent colours to pick from.


3. Setting

There are several themes for modern weddings. Rustic, vintage, garden, beach, elegant and classic are a few examples. For coordination, each of these themes has a set of colours in their palette that portray them.

Take garden weddings which are popular in Ghana for instance. Garden weddings go with colours that depict nature like lavender, pale pink, pale orange, white, green, blush and blue. For beach events, your best picks would range from white to purple, pink, yellow, gold, teal and peach. Again, you need to research to find out which colours are readily available and of course, suit your personality.


4. Personality & Aura

Lastly, we are sure you would agree that your personality counts when deciding on which colour to work around for your wedding. Knowing who you are and the values you embody makes it easier when putting together a palette.

Passionate, fierce, loyal and impulsive people are most likely to pick a red palette, whereas cheerful, spiritual and sweeter personalities go for yellow palettes. Greener palettes are for thoughtful, wise and affectionate personalities while blues radiate patience, introspection and balance.

Furthermore,  consider the type of feeling, or aura, you want everyone to experience at your wedding. With this in mind, you don’t want to choose colours that might feel more like a child’s birthday party than a wedding.



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