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What is life without color? Lifeless! Knowing that color is what brightens our lives, is the one valid reason why you need to pick ’em right on your wedding day. Not only does it make your event beautiful, but it enhances the memories captured. Yup, photos and videos look amazing with the right color combinations. Besides, everything else, sort of, revolves around your color choices. From the invitations, to the favors, cake, decor, lighting and even the guest outfits are all a reflection of the colors you select. So you’ve got to get it right…one time!

To get it right, you need to know a couple of things that influence colors at weddings. Personality, theme, season, venue and more are a few of the things to consider when picking your wedding colors. So we have put a few together, to make your choice easier. Read on…

Jeremy & Naaa looking like a million bucks…and the right colors ūüėÄ


Probably the second most important question to Ghanaian guests, especially the females. So like you, your guests also want your wedding to look not only vibrant, but uniform. But how do you know which colors combinations are the best ones? Don’t sweat it, start from point #1.

1. What do you have in mind?

Everyone has a color that suits them, or one they love most. So yeah, you definitely have something in mind! Now with that in mind, you need to find colors that match those ones. Experts usually advise to pick a color palette of four (4) to give everyone options. The easiest thing you could do is pick hues and shades of that one color, and you’re good to go! Also, Google is your best bet when it comes to finding colors that match, so don’t hesitate to use it.

2. Your setting– Venue, time and season

Okay so maybe your mind is blank, you have no ideas on which colors to pick. All is not lost…use your location! The venue for your event is another thing that influences your color choices. Just look at the colors already at the venue and match up to them. Also, consider the time and season. Evening events go with colors that are brighter like white, gold and pink, while daytime events can go down a notch with darker greens, burgundy and purple. Seasons matter as well, with turquoise and yellow perfect for all seasons.

3. Personality– Dramatic or Lowkey

Your persona also counts when choosing your wedding colors. If you’re one to love the spotlight, then go ahead and pick the brightest of all colors in their RIGHT combinations. Blue and pink is just on point to get all the buzz, while classic combos like white with golden brown, black or beige can maintain your lowkey status.

4. Go with the trend

There are many colors that come up according to what’s trendy. All you need is a little research to find out which colors are in vogue at a particular time. For instance, 2017 had Navy and Gold as a top combo, while 2018 has moved toward all shades of Pink¬†and spicy Yellow.

5. Just go glam

Your wedding is all about you. Don’t overthink it…just go glam! Going glam means picking colors that represent royalty, and good thing 2018 is the year for metallics. Colors like Gold (rose gold), Silver, Grey, Copper and some really matte shades of Emerald or Cherry Pink can set that mood.

Some best modern color combinations now are:

  • Yellow + Coral + Purple + Cranberry
  • Ivory + Silver + Green
  • Blush + Gold + Blue + Navy
  • Apricot + Sage + Greige + Navy
  • Mint + Pink + Coral + Magenta




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