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Change, they say, is constant, and you definitely would change during your marriage. Sometimes, you would have to do things differently even before you get married. However, the most important thing is how you manage this ‘change’ when it happens.

Marriage counseling is one of the things recommended for every couple before they say their vows. Initially, this used to be strictly religious but now non-religious parties are all involved. With that being said, no one should avoid counseling!
During this period, professionals advise you on everything ranging from intimacy, communication skills, money management, child upbringing, mood handling and several others. As human as we are, we are bound to face problems that fall within any or all of these spheres. The single answer to them lies in pre and post marital counseling.

In this article, therefore, we’ll talk about the benefits, particularly, of pre-marital counseling. After all, no one gets married with the intentions of failure…right? Lol.

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Yeah we know you’ve heard it lots of times. But we want to re-stress on why you should save your marriage before it fails. Prevention is better than cure, and it applies here too. Here are some five reasons why the former is true.

1. A preview of the unknown

Perhaps marriage is the longest journey any man can ever walk. But who wouldn’t want to see the end of the tunnel before stepping in? Pre-marital counseling is the trailer to that unending movie called marriage. Counselors gather as many possibilities as they can, and put them all out on the table. If your marriage is built on a fairytale, this period is the time to wake up and smell the coffee, before reality takes you by surprise. Counseling helps you solve problems you never thought could exist, and this is why it’s so important.

2. Builds up communication

Have you ever heard that communication is the key to personal success? And at the same time, words, once said, cannot be taken back. This is why talking to a counselor with experience is necessary to boost your inter-personal communication skills. The presence of a neutral party always helps to understand one another. In times of conflict, proper ways of conveying how you feel can turn mountains into mounds, and make a problem much smaller. It’s not even always about speaking, actions also matter. And this complete learning experience can only be found during counseling.

“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said”
Peter Drucker 


3. Understanding emotions

Emotions will change, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. Sometimes, even the love you feel for each other would fade away. However, this does not mean your marriage has to end. Every good counselor would take you through the stages of emotional change and how to deal with them. In times of anger, in joy, in distress, in grief, in depression or in fear, there are appropriate ways of relating to your partner. Your best bet is to get counseled on these before you say ‘for better, for worse’.

4. Financial management

In some parts of the world, money is the number one cause of divorce. In fact, money ruins relationships, no matter how small the amount is. Having fore knowledge of this, and knowing how to manage, as a couple, in times of financial hardships, would definitely save your marriage. Funny thing is, marital problems can even arise in times of financial ‘boom’. Money changes people– so sit down with your counselor to explore the role of money in a relationship, before it runs y’all dry.

5. Planning the future

Finally, the last benefit we’d be highlighting is the future of a marriage. Although counseling is there to help you trash out issues you and your partner may have today, it guides you also to map out the plan for tomorrow. This can be anything from career paths to having children to parenting skills and shared visions. Premarital counselors help their clients focus on healthy goals, to keep the future hopeful.

Marriage is basically taking a step of faith into uncertainty, so let that step be bolder with a counselor 😉




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