#Naan18 — Nana & Anna’s Dream


When Nana and Anna met, they didn’t know they’d soon be writing their own story. It probably never crossed their minds. Yet few years down the line, the two have become one. And they finally had their first dance…

We like to call it the first dance, because it’s the first time of intimacy –as man and wife. Yup, intimacy even before the honeymoon. That look into each other’s eyes does things to you– things onlookers would never understand unless they’ve had theirs. For this reason, the dance has to be special and memorable. So in this piece, we highlight a few ways to prepare yourself for that magical moment. And you have to dance, even if you hate it. After all, you only live once!

Nana and Anna doing the dance, before their first.



While there are several things to look at, we’d only be highlighting the three most basic factors. These are the music, the attire and the crowd.

1. Music– select the right one

The first thing you think of when you mention dancing, is music. Music has the power to make your dance, or break it. So you’ve got to choose the perfect song to match the occasion. Now here are a few ideas;

  • Pick a song unique to you— the norm is to pick the most popular song at the time. But really where’s the fun in that? If you and your partner have a song that takes you back to a cherished memory, use that song! Nobody has to understand, because the moment is yours and yours only 🙂
  • Do a medley— if you have a hard time selecting one song, then the best way out is to do a mix of all the songs you want. You simply need a good DJ to whip it up. Or you can turn on your sexy by getting the played with live instruments. That jazzy effect is everything!
  • Hire a singer— though this is on the pricey side of things, it gives the highest satisfaction. Surprise your guests and even your spouse by bringing in the ‘real deal’ to perform their original song. But the choice is yours…or your pocket’s lol.
  • Make a cover— this is a cheaper solution to the former option after all, not all of us can afford King Promise. So if you and your spouse can be daring enough, enter the studio and make your own cover of your favorite song. You can even throw in a behind-the-scenes video while the performance is ongoing 😉
  • Do a custom song— okay this is risky! If you’re convinced you don’t sound like frogs then go ahead. Show your talents at your own wedding. Best part is everyone’s forced to listen and give good remarks 😀


2. Attire–do a costume change

Now that we know what music to pick, we can focus on the flow of the dance. You definitely don’t want to leave a long lasting memory of tripping over during your first dance. Save yourself the embarrassment and make a quick change of clothes. Even if you have the most elegant gown in the world (which probably isn’t the case), consider wearing something else for just the dance. And make sure to practise in that outfit a couple of times before the D-day, you know, to get familiar. Remember, the only surprise we want to see is a beautiful dancing couple, not a “humpty-dumpty tumbling down” one lol!

3. Crowd– to impress or not to?

Lastly, the receiving end of every performance is the audience. Are you one to love the spotlight? Or you’re just the shy one who wants everything to be done with real quick? Your answer to these questions will determine what you’ll feed your audience.

If you want all eyes on you that day, then you can go all out by giving them the performance of your life! Get your bridesmaids and groomsmen involved in a mind-bowing choreography. Or throw in some extra bucks on hiring professional dancers. Imitate your favorite dance music video– Beyonce’s Single Ladies is a good option. Or add some sauce by doing more than just dancing, act out some iconic movie scenes.

However, if you’re on the other end of the table, get it done and quickly! Do a 30 seconds to 1 minute performance and sit it out. Or try what is called, “the Snowball method”. Dance for just a moment and gradually invite  your guests to the dancefloor. Start by calling on people you’re comfortable with, like your parents. Soon enough everyone will get on board, and the real party can follow after. This has an added bonus of making the dancefloor as “lit” as you can imagine.






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