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Pressure builds up whenever you have expectations. Will everything turn out nice? Will my dress fit? Will the food be on time? WIll there be no family drama? Some of these questions can make you ponder over and over. To-be-brides always experience this and though it’s deemed normal, it sometimes can be troubling. Now there are various ways of dealing with this feeling. Many experts and first-hand experienced brides have shared their views on how to handle wedding pressures.


Ann-Marie & Willibi: Counting the days #AnnWillSayIDo


First of all, how do you know if you’re stressed? According to TheKnot.com, these signs will show:

1. Using all your lunch breaks to plan your wedding

So many people are guilty of this. To-be-brides make it a habit to surf the web, make calls, discussions etc, at the time when they have to eat! Meanwhile experts say that skipping meals is “bad for your mood and can lead to exaggerated emotions and amped-up stress”. So if you fall into this circle, then dear, you are stressed.

2. There’s a growing strain on your relationship

If planning gets you and your partner to argue all the time, so much that you feel like calling off the wedding, then you’re stressed. At any point, if there is a thought about eloping (escaping to an unknown place to get married alone), you’re stressed.

3. Double Guessing

Whenever you start to question your decisions, pump the brakes! Overthinking is rarely a good thing, neither is changing plans at the last minute.

4. Putting things off

Sometimes, you’d find yourself procrastinating on the things you have to do. That’s stress right there!

5. It’s no more fun

When all the fun has been sucked out of the wedding plan, sis take a quick break because we don’t want a bored bride.

Now that we know what makes us stressed, let’s find solutions.

Eat, eat eat:

Do not put off your lunch to plan your wedding. Set a limit on how often you can swap your jollof for a wedding task. Maybe one lunch per week can be wedding related, and the rest need to be an actual break. 

Date night:

If planning a wedding is setting you and your partner apart, then what’s the point? Take a chill pill and go out with your fiance. Find something you both love, and enjoy it together. Make sure that this date night is completely wedding-free!

Take care of yourself:

Sweetheart, no one matters more than you. So take time off to think about yourself. If for any reason, you keep double guessing and going back on the decisions you already made, then it’s time to take a breather. Two weeks off planning is enough time to give yourself a treat. You’d come back with a clearer mind to make better, final decisions.

Get help:

Yeah sometimes you don’t want to let people in on the plan, but really who are you trying to surprise? Get help if you need it. Probably your wedding date is near and you haven’t checked lots off the list. Speak to a trusted friend or relative to help you out with the necessary arrangements.

Stay positive:

Cut out the negatives and keep that positive fire burning. If people RSVP ‘No’ to your invitation, who cares? Don’t sweat it, focus on giving those who would, show up the time of their lives! If your mother-in-law is getting on your last nerve, say to yourself “I feel good” or “Everything is bliss”. Maybe that’d help you shake her off. 🙂



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