Michael & Monalisa: One To Remember


A new feel! Wedding receptions are memorable, and when played out right, they feel like nothing you’ve ever done before. And what do we mean ‘played out right’? That just goes to say that you can go wrong at hosting a reception, or fail at being a good guest.

Now there are some things you should NEVER do at your own reception, or at someone else’s. To make the memory perfect, you in turn have to keep in memory the things to avoid– even if you’re used to them. In this article, we’ll underline a number of these things. Thank us later ūüėČ

Michael & Monalisa having a great time at their engagement reception



At a wedding, it’s two things– you’re either a guest or a host. And as each, your roles are different, but linked.¬†Your wedding ceremony may be all about you and your groom, but let‚Äôs be honest‚Äďthe reception is all about showing your guests a great time. On the other hand, you being a wedding guest means you should make the day special for the couple.

So let’s take it one at a time.


1. Being late

This is common sense. Unless there is some sort of emergency, you should NEVER keep your guests waiting. People have gone out of their way to spend this day with you, don’t disgrace yourself. Lateness is not only rude, but it screams selfishness and inconsideration. So save yourself all the embarassment and try to be on time. Remember not to leave too early as well, because the party ends when you leave.

2. Screaming at organizers or family…or the guests themselves

Some people might not know, but it is very rude to your guests when you yell at your own wedding. Yet, this happens one too many times. Brides are more guilty of this, because they stress out the most!

Maybe your idea of a perfect wedding has been ruined, but so what? You’d ruin it even further if you go shouting at organizers and vendors. This is why you should not plan a wedding alone–hire a planner or delegate a trusted person to handle the event. However, if you decide to boss your own event, try to keep your composure in all situations. Nothing ever goes right in the heat of anger, so never let the frustration get to you. Manage whatever issue that arises and deal with it after the reception.

Then there’s the part where some people argue with their own guests! Come on, if you’re matured enough to get married, you sure ought to know this is silly. If tempers run high because of something someone said, just get a bridesmaid or relative to deal with it.

“An angry bride is an ugly one”

3. Disappearing acts

What’s your reception without you? It’s not the time to get your Houdini on. With all invited guests, dignitaries and family, it’d be disappointing to not be found anywhere when needed. Also, it could also lead to panic or suspicions. If you have anything to do ‘behind the scenes’, be sure to do it quickly. This is the one day where everyone will want to rain attention on you, so let them!

4. Get drunk

In these times of social media and things going viral, you definitely do not want to fall victim. Some people are there to record everything that goes down–either by phone or by mind. You’d end up being a ‘suggested post’ on Instagram, or at best, a Twitter thread–and both are not good looks! So while it’s okay to drink, manage your intake of alcohol so you won’t act a fool on your most important day ever.

Pre-wedding shot of the lovely couple, Michael and Monalisa

5. Play inappropriate music

A wedding is a gathering of both the young and old. Fine, you want to be up-to-date and all that but at your wedding? Yup, we don’t think so. Whatever your DJ does is a reflection of you at the end of the day. So set things straight: No offensive/ inappropriate music at your event.

That rounds it up for what you should not do as the host of a wedding reception. In our next piece, we’d talk about what is wrong on the side of the guests.




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