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Selorm & Edna: The Journey Together

A VOLTA CONNECT Ghana is blessed with so much culture.  Each ethnic group/tribe has its own way of showing how they do their things, and the beauty in them. One of these tribes is the Ewe/Anlo group. Probably the most 'lowkey' tribes in terms of displaying their...

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Amo & Cordelia: Tying the Cords

TRADITION IS TRADITION Nowadays, lots of people prefer traditional weddings to white weddings. We can't blame them-- after all it's still a wedding. In fact, in Ghana, that is the actual marriage ceremony-- the white one is just a bonus. In one of our previous...

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Michael & Monalisa: One To Remember

  THE TURN OF EVENTS A new feel! Wedding receptions are memorable, and when played out right, they feel like nothing you've ever done before. And what do we mean 'played out right'? That just goes to say that you can go wrong at hosting a reception, or fail at being a...

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Crème de la crème

GUEST LIST: DO'S & DON'TS Ever heard of the Turkish saying, "Guests bring good luck with them"? This is because it's true. The kind of people you mingle with is bound to be your blessing...or harshly, your curse. While the ambience, food and the couple are...

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Wedding Themes for 2018

THEMES WE RECOMMEND THIS YEAR Every wedding ceremony is centered on a theme, believe it or not. Your wedding invitations, cake and favors are great ways to show off your wedding theme to guests. Over the years, themes have come and gone, but a few stayed too. Last...

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