Emmanuel & Gertrude: The Love Code


Knowledge is not only power… it is everything. So allow us to enrich your knowledge base about weddings.

In this post, we finish off our blog series on Wedding Terminologies. From the letters T-Z, here are some wedding definitions:

Gertrude all glammed up in a pose on her wedding day. Shot by @focusnblur




1. Tablescape 

A tablescape is simply a blanket term that combines your table’s centrepiece and place settings, or the overall decoration of your table. Your entire table design comes together with a tablescape the plates and flatware to the flowers and candles. 

You can explore different ideas that won’t cost you much when creating one. Use basic items like everyday plates and cutlery, faux flowers, napkins, playful items or even food itself.


2. Tiara

Brides wear tiaras to give them the aura of princesses. It is a unique headpiece that has that extra bling than regular veils. They can be custom-made or bought off the shelf.


3. Train

To make a grand entrance on your wedding day, a bride can use her ‘train’. This refers to the length of the dress that trails behind the bride as she walks. It is carried down the aisle by page boy and fluffed by the Maid of Honour at the altar.


4. Trial 

Like its basic meaning, a trial is a period of rehearsal for the couple to play out what would go down on the ‘D-day’. The most common trials are with hair and makeup artists, where you get to see if you like their style and get the chance to tweak things before the big day.


5. Usher 

Yes, ushers at weddings are similar to the ones at church. Except these do not handle the offertory. They only help in escorting guests to their seats, handing out ceremony programs and keeping things organized before the reception begins. They are often friends or family of the couple, although, in recent times, people like to hire ushering agencies to handle these things.


6. Veil

Veils are pieces of fine material worn by women to conceal the face. They are the one accessory that makes women really feel like brides. Available in varying lengths, fabrics and styles, veils may be worn during the ceremony or in the evening as exquisite bridal wear.


7. Vows

Wedding vows are promises made by the marrying couple during the wedding ceremony. These beautiful words are said to pledge trust, love and support for one another. A couple could choose to use traditional vows, readings from weddings before theirs, or write their own to create a more personal connection.


8. Videographer

Wedding videos create a lifelong memory for couples and guests alike. Videographers are becoming increasingly important because they are hired to capture what a photographer doesn’t. You can go through our wedding shop to see the work of some talented Ghanaian videographers.


9. Welcome Bag/Basket

Often made for out-of-town guests, welcome bags or baskets are fabulously designed bags filled with goods and luxury products, placed in their hotel room or offered at the hotel reception. The most important item in the bag is a thank-you note, but be sure to fill them with handmade souvenirs and edibles like wine, snacks, and water.


9. White Tie 

The term ‘white tie’ is used to refer to a particular wedding style. In contrast with black tie weddings, white tie weddings are the highest level of formal wedding dress codes. Men are expected to wear a black tailcoat, a white shirt, a waistcoat, a white bowtie, high waisted pleated black trousers, white gloves, and black shoes. Women, on the other hand, would wear a long evening gown with dress shoes.

But not to worry, white tie weddings are very rare and largely Western.


10. Wreath

Another beautiful type of decor item is a wreath. This circle of flowers are generally used as a decorative centrepiece, on church doors, pews, venue entrances, or in the bride’s hair as a hairpiece. Wreaths (or flower crowns) are usually worn by Bohemian brides but have been adopted by all in modern times.




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