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Time is all we have at this time of the year. Almost everything has been shut down, especially social gatherings. But not all is lost…

If you have plans of getting wed this year, this is the time to put things together. There are so many things you can get organized from your couch and we’re here to help.

A close-up shot of the bride’s outfit at the Opoku Kyeis’ wedding by @iconicphotography 



Wedding Planning Tasks You Can Do From Home


You would be surprised the significant amount of wedding planning activities you can do in the comfort of your bed. All you need is assistance from your partner, either in-person or virtually. Let’s get to it!


1. Curate your Guest List

Making a list is top 2 most difficult tasks and it’s not #2! However, now that you have all the time in the world, why don’t you get started?

Plus, you only need two things to complete this task ⁠—you and your partner, and probably a family member or close friend to help you not forget anyone important. Check out our blogpost on choosing who to invite to your wedding.


2. Research on Vendors

There’s an enormous pool of wedding vendors to pick from, most of them offering a similar quality of services. Use this time to go through their social media, websites, directories and read reviews on them. Go the extra mile to find out pricing details, package types and their availability in the long run.

Oh and the best place to get all this information is on our website,


3. Plan your Seating Arrangement

For optimum guest satisfaction, a properly planned seating arrangement is advised. Look up the various seating styles and pick the ones you can work with. It’s even easier now with a guest list you can pair up guests using the list. With this, you can even envision where other elements of your decor, like the bar, food setup or stage, can be situated.


4. Write your Vows

Now that you’re seated, make no more excuses. Take advantage of the calm to write the perfect vows. All you need to do is to remember special times and speak genuinely from the heart. Check out our previous article on writing the best wedding vows.


5. Make your Wedding Playlist

This task should be so much fun! Music is very important at every gathering and sets the mood for your entire wedding. Take control of your event by selecting the sort of music you’d love for your guests to enjoy.

And it does not have to be for the full event for some particular moments like the first dance or special band performance. Just allow yourselves to go down memory lane by picking some songs that are special to you and your partner.



  • Photography and video @iconicphotography
  • Kente: @Newlookkente
  • Kente design : @Pistisgh
  • Second dress: @ohemaaglobal x @yartelgh
  • Decor: @360plannergh
  • Makeup: @a.n.a_makeover

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