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These are surely no ordinary times. As we all know, the world is battling a pandemic; which has, more or less, brought most of our regular activities to a standstill — weddings notwithstanding. Most countries are facing lockdown situations, limiting attendance or at worst, putting a complete ban on public gatherings.

In Ghana where we are, weddings now are only allowing six (6) attendants at the registrar general or the district courts. Bummer! So the question is; do we cancel our wedding plans? Or better yet, how do we hold a decent ceremony during these times?


First things first; you have to make a bold decision. And it lies between going on with the ceremony or postponing it.

If you decide to go through with it, adhere to the rules! The directive says six, stick to it! For the well-being and safety of family and friends, you cannot go through with the wedding as previously planned. Hence, you have to re-structure everything to fit the current directives.

Once you have come to terms with this, here are a few ideas you can play around:


1. Prepare a homey decor: There’s certainly no need to go overboard with your decorations at this time. Yet, you still need to get those gracious photos. So although it’s a compromise, try to be creative with the decor. Make arrangements for beautiful lights, plants/flowers, fabrics, or anything to create an ambience. Design a lounge area with patterned pillows, table lamps, vintage napkins etc. A photo wall with family portraits and photographs also add a touch of intimacy.

Do all these making sure to save more money by using the things around you.


2. Create a sanitation station: Hygiene is an even bigger deal during the times we are in. Do NOT compromise on this. At vantage points, have enough hand sanitizers and antibacterial soap for guests to use to wash their hands. Safe distancing is also encouraged. Guests should adopt a “hygienic hello by keeping hugging and handshaking to a minimum.


3. Livestream your event: A great option to get everyone involved is by sharing a live video of your ceremony with your loved ones who are unable to attend. Have someone set up a Facebook Live or Instagram Live to capture the event. There are also apps like Zoom that can help with this if you need to keep the number at the bare minimum.


4. Catering delight: This is the right time to implement what we usually call ‘serve yourself’ while saving a chunk of cash. Discuss interesting buffet options with your caterer. You can incorporate appetizers, main dishes and desserts even.


On the other hand, if you decide to postpone, make new arrangements with your vendors ON TIME. Be flexible when choosing a new wedding date as well because, at this point, it’s not all up to you.

Also bear in mind that you will lose some money and that’s pretty normal. Finally, when all is said and done, share your updated plans with your guests so they can also prepare ahead.



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