John & Ann: The Beauty Beyond


Everyone has that someone, and that something too. One may like loud music, while the other solitude and peace. Another would prefer to have an intimate, close-knit affair — the other would love a grand entrance wedding. What we’re driving at is that every bride is different; so what works for one might not necessarily work for the other.

Looking pretty goes beyond the outlook — it is also complemented by the inward. Therefore, on your wedding day, brides should be allowed to explore and select looks they are comfortable with. Thankfully, there are various alternatives to choose from, ranging from hair-styling to makeup. And in this piece, we’d focus on hair-styling.


Ann getting her face beat, along with a gorgeous hairstyle. Shot by @iconicphotography_



On your wedding day, you must look the part, although choosing the right hairstyle can be hard sometimes. The right one must suit your hair length, thickness, and layers. So here are a few ideas we found on the internet:


1. Chignon

Quite common is the classic Chignon. You can achieve this by only sweeping your hair back and pinning it into a simple and elegant low bun. Add in some braids or hairpieces if you’d like. You can also incorporate braids, flowers or tiaras to this hairdo.


2. Waves and Curls

You can switch it up a bit by getting some loose waves fixed. Loose waves work on any hair length and look gracious. Another option is vintage curls to give you a timeless look.


3. Braids

To give an unconventional but beautiful look, consider getting some braids. It’s surely one of the modern trends that makes you look unique. It could be a single braid of a weave or cornrows or what we call ‘rasta’. Either way, it works fine as long as it looks neat.


4. Ponytail

Ponytails are sleek forever! Not only do they fit as a perfect bridal hairstyle, but they also make for elegant casual hairdos. Whether it’s a high ponytail or a low ponytail, they work better with long hair. So you should consider fixing some ponytail extensions.


5. Side Sweep

Ideally, this style would work for a range of hair lengths, but best for those with medium to long hair. It’s as simple as sweeping your hair/weave around to one side of your body. For shifting focus to your dress’s style or neckline, this is the best hairdo for you.


6. Deep Side Part

Side parts are gorgeous — and can be pulled off with any length, type or texture of hair. Depending on how you style it, a deep side part can give you an edgy look or give you a soft, romantic feel.




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