Kwame & Lynda: More Than Words


A word is enough to describe all you feel. But sometimes, you end up saying a lot more if you really don’t know what you’re about. That’s why we’re here to make sure you get with the program.

Let’s pick things up from where we left them last year. We continue with our thread on wedding terminologies, focusing on the letters (J-N).

Kwame and Lynda’s luxe engagement decor



From J-N, here are some useful wedding terminologies:

1. Justice of the Peace

For civil marriages, a justice of the peace is a judge who can perform the wedding. He or she usually operates outside of religious settings or even the court, and so is perfect for couples that ‘elope’.

2. Juliet Cap

A Juliet Cap is a close-fitting cap that is decorated with precious stones or pearls and is worn as a bride’s headpiece. It is often connected to a tulle veil and better worn with evening gowns or as bridal wear. And its name originates from the popular heroine of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.


3. Ketubah

Originating from Jewish culture is a Ketubah. This is a wedding contract, used to formalize vows and celebrate the couple’s commitments. It is signed after the wedding vows have been said and decorated to be put on a wall in the couple’s home. Modern non-Jewish couples have fallen in love with the idea and incorporate it by turning their wedding certificates into permanent art.


4. Kickback

A kickback is money paid to vendors by their fellow vendors as commission for recommending them. For instance, a planner can recommend a caterer and a stylist and would receive an incentive from them for bringing them into the loop. Not such a bad thing; business is business. However, it becomes a problem if your total amount paid covers these ‘commissions’ in disguise. You should discuss kickbacks with your planner before signing any contracts.


5. Maid of Honour

Sure everyone knows who a maid of honour is but let’s say it again 😁. A maid of honour is either the bride’s closest female friend or relative who stands directly by the bride’s side on the wedding day. Her main duties are organizing the bachelorette party, holding the bride’s bouquet during the ceremony, ‘floofing’ the bride’s dress, dabbing sweat off her face etc.


6. Matron of Honour

A matron of honour is the term given to the maid of honour if she’s already married. And her duties remain the same as ever. There’s also a man of honour, in case the bride prefers to have a male friend doing that.

7. Nosegay

A nosegay is a small, handheld bouquet of flowers. It has a petite stature and is often carried by bridesmaids or junior bridesmaids in contrast to the bride’s larger sized bouquet.



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