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There’s politics around everything and like regular politics, they are often popular and elaborately discussed. All but the politics of wedding, the one topic that is usually left untouched and no one prepares you for.

You know how you say things like “this day is only about me and every decision is mine to make,” but the dynamics change entirely when it is time to execute? Yes, that captures the concept of ‘wedding politics.’ Behind the scenes, a lot of factors surrounding family, friends, religious factions etc can affect the planning process and cause chaos.

Let’s highlight a number of these wedding political elements and how to deal with them.


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Whatever you would go through is the same as what everyone goes through. This is why from different, independent experiences we can suggest some workable solutions. So here goes!


1. Family Drama

Family drama comes in many forms and magnitudes. From who to be on the guest list, to who to walk you down the aisle or even who to handle what can turn into something ugly if not handled in time.

One of the sure ways to minimize or avoid these conflicts is by calling on the family’s head to help spearhead the planning process. He/She is respected by all and their resolutions go down well with everyone without question. If not, consider changing the format of your wedding to prevent having anyone feeling left out, for instance.

Find a comprehensive guide on the roles of family in weddings and managing family drama in our previous article(s).


2. Bridal Party Decisions

Choosing the bridal party is not only a chore but a breeding grounds for long-lasting ‘friendship feuds.’ What if someone takes offence to not being called? Or if the chosen ones have a disagreement before or during the event ⁠— a familiar situation?

Well, the good news is, there is a perfect guide to picking who to join your bridal train and what their duties are. This should be of great help when issues like these arise.


3. Religious Factions

While issues around these are rare, they can get quite complex and difficult to address. They also come in various forms, for instance, cross-marriage issues. Some religions do not encourage marriages between spouses of different religions. When this happens, it becomes hard to get an officiant, counselling or support in general from the religious body.

Some solutions to this are opting for a civil officiant, a traditional marriage or at worst; eloping.


We can think of several other wedding political issues that should be looked at before planning in-depth. Stay tuned for more articles on this topic.



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