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It’s true that marriages bind two familes together, but guess what? It joins friends too! The friends of the wife becomes the friends of the husband, and vice versa. But this bond would depend on how the wedding goes.

Bridesmaid behaviour during planning and on the wedding day is important to its success. Any drama that arises from their activities can make or break the event, and also leave an uncomfortable feeling for brides afterwards. In light of this, there are a few ‘codes’ that wedding experts have put together, to manage the behaviours of bridesmaids.

Let’s talk about a few;

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Being offered a place on a friend or sibling’s bridal party is such a great honour and at the outset, seems like a lot of fun. But while helping to plan a wedding can be an adventure, every adventure has bumps along the way – here are some tips to help you avoid being one of them.


1. Consider first

Of course it’s great to be asked to co-walk your friend on the aisle. But these days, it is more than just that. Being a bridesmaid entails a lot of commitment, both physically and financially. As a bridesmaid, you’re agreeing to be there for the bride from now until the wedding day. This means you’ve got to be invested in the friendship, because in most cases, in the months leading up to the big day, the wedding becomes the entire focus of the bride’s life.

Therefore if you’re asked to play the part, take a moment to think it through. It’s perfectly okay to turn down the role if you’re not in any way prepared for it.


2. Not a favor

When you finally accept to act the part, please DO NOT behave as if you’re doing anyone favors. Don’t try to control any aspect of her wedding planning, demanding things go a certain way, or making her life difficult. While you can absolutely offer your opinions, do it in a way that acknowledges that you support her decision, either way.


3. Check your budget

Another necessary requirement for bridesmaids is money. Paying for your dress and shoes, chipping in on the shower and bachelorette party, and buying gifts for those prewedding events and the big day itself are no walks in the park. You should therefore be financially sound to cater for these things.

And if you do accept but at some point get overwhelmed with costs, mention in a polite, friendly, non-confrontational way that you’d like to stick to a budget. NEVER confront the bride in an aggressive manner or use a disgruntled tone.


4. Offer solutions

One of the best things any bridesmaid can do is to help out when needed. Planning a bachelorette, going dress shopping, choosing fabrics or accessories, rehearsals, or anything juicy for the D-day, require a lot of creativity. So you being able to chip in with ideas would be very much acknowledged.


5. Avoid arguments

This is the golden rule. Do well to stay away from arguments and fights. When the estrogen flows, so does the drama, and it can be extremely challenging to get along with a group of girls, but you are all the brides’ very best friends, and she wants to see you get along.

So even if you don’t get along with everyone, do your best to put on a friendly face when you’re around the bride – otherwise the tension and drama between the bridesmaids will be the center of attention on the wedding day instead of the bride and groom.



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