Makafui & Mawuli: At Long Last


Don’t you just love it when things work perfectly? Bet we all do! And there’s no better feeling than a wedding gone according to plan.

However, this rarely happens. Yes, from the account of most couples and wedding vendors, something is often bound to go wrong. It could be your wedding gown, or a makeup horror, or guests going home hungry or at worst, leaving the rings at home!
A proper wedding planner, though, always finds a way to minimize these failures or at best, provide quick solutions to issues as soon as they pop up.

So in this piece, we’re going to keep it real about things that could go wrong at weddings. Thankfully, there are ways you can avoid some; while the others just have to be solved somehow.

Our beautiful bride, Makafui, living it up at her engagement




“Couples can spend months and often years organising the perfect wedding day – with each detail thought out and planned to a tee – but no matter how prepared you are, there are certain aspects of the day that are bound to go awry”.

Here are five (5) of them:


1. Rain

Out of all the problems, this takes the top spot. Rain is a natural thing, and with unreliable weather forecasts in Ghana  – you’re most likely never going to see it coming. So how do you stop a natural event from happening? You can’t  – but the party can still go on.

If you’re having your ceremony during the rainy season, the best thing you can do is to prepare a backup indoor space at your choice of venue. Or simply hold the entire wedding INDOORS. Yes it might not be your dream wedding, but it’s better safe than sorry.

In events of short unexpected rainfall, putting up full tents (not nomadic ones), can at least keep your guests dry for that period.

No matter the circumstance, always make it known to guests, in advance, to prepare for the possiblity of rain.


2. More guests than planned

The second classic Ghanaian wedding ‘palava’ is this one! You can’t beat it no matter how hard you try. There’s always going to be that guest who’d bring someone else with them.

So all you have to do is plan everything for guests, times two… or three. It’s always better to have more than less. Therefore, tripple the number of chairs rented, pay for an extra 50-100 for food ( depending on your budget); and for drinks  – make them as many as you can afford.

Also, make provision for extra food and drinks to be prepared at home, for guests who show up late.


3. Family Feud

Don’t be fooled – almost every family has a potential to cause drama at your wedding. But what can you do, it’s family.

Two things: You either seat feuding family members apart from each other, or you simply do not invite the ‘black sheep’. Another solution which often works is choosing a level-headed, well-respected relative to quickly step in and keep the peace, in case there’s a brawl.


4. Delays, illnesses and the likes

Ooh there’s nothing more frustrating than a delay at a wedding. It can get you anxious, angry or both. A quick fix is to give every vendor or crucial person a ‘one hour leeway’. This means that if your event starts at 2pm, tell everyone it’s at 1pm or even 12:30pm. At least this can absorb lateness.

Falling sick is typical among brides and grooms on the D-day. Don’t overstress yourself take sure to take breaks during planning periods. You need to take good care of yourself so you can be fit on your wedding day.


5. Out of control

Whenever there’s a party, there’s a possibilty for someone to go wild. It could even be you! Solve this by designating someone to keep the order. This person should be strong and bold enough to walk out or calm guests who start ‘acting a fool’.

Another fix for this is limiting the amount of alcohol at your reception. This way people would be in control of their actions, even if they drink a little.


Of course there are other glitches like bad makeup or a ripped dress or a car fault. All you can do is have backup for these things because, believe us, they happen all the time.



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