Sena & Akosua: Priceless Imprints


Say cheese! And there, you have your wedding portrait for life. But whether or not your portrait stands out, depends on your choice of photographer.

Wedding photography is one of the most vital elements of the ceremony. We all want visuals we can fall back on, when the day is over. Your photos should be a beautiful and timeless account of the most important day of your life, and should help every bride and groom to re-live the romance and excitement all over again.

And a photographer can either make or break all the memories you have of your big day.

Did you know not all photographers can shoot in low light? What happens when the flash ruins it all? Or the edit is too much? Or the poses are just wrong?
Asking these questions now leave you with the exhausting task of picking one out of the many Ghanaian photographers.

Hopefully our tips today can help you narrow down your options to the perfect pick.

Sena & Akosua shot by the ever talented, Focus & Blur



Picking one photographer out of the lot is almost as hard as choosing a lifetime partner. But like those decisions, there are certain things to check in order to make them.

1. Philosophy & Style

The philosophy of anyone you work with is vital to its success. For some wedding vendors, you really don’t need to care about theirs. However, photography isn’t one of them.

For the best part of your event, your photographer is one you’d spend the most time with. So you need to make sure he or she is someone you vibe with. You can know a bit about them through their work profiles, i.e Instagram, Facebook or their websites. Check out for things like their sense of humor, or their values.

Then there’s the element of style. Every creative has a style [photojournalism, naturalism, modern traditionalism etc] they work with. The best advice is to pick one who matches your ideas.

2. Lighting

Going back to our initial question — not every photographer does well in low lighting situations. So ask yourself how your event is going to turn out. The easiest wedding to shoot is a wedding in the daytime, with a ceremony under shade and great natural light.

But if not, it’s important to find a photographer that shoots great in bizzare lighting conditions. Just look through their portfolio and you’d find your answer right there!


3. Quality & Editing

Quality photos these days aren’t hard to come by. But the trick is all in the editing. Some photographers do too much and end up over-editing photos; making you look almost like a painting. You wouldn’t want those now, would you?

Make sure you view all or most of their images — not just the favourites they pick for their websites. This way you’d know if their quality is consistent or not. If their work is usually heavily edited, chances this will run through their entire portfolio, and is probably an attempt to try to cover up poor quality.


4. Recommendations & Reviews

Word of mouth recommendations are mostly trustworthy —  especially if they come from people you know. If your friends and family have been happy with the quality of the service and work of a particular photographer then chances are, you will be too.

Just speak to your friends about their work ethics and delivery, then make your judgement off those. Or get a testimonial from the photographer’s own client. A good photographer should be ready to refer you to someone they’ve already worked with, if you need some assurances.

Although this should not be the main reason for your choice, it helps with the decision making process if it comes down to it.


5. Price & Value for money

All we’ve said above mean nothing if you cannot afford it. And like we say in every article, it’s not worth breaking your back for a wedding.

High prices do not always guarantee the best quality. Likewise, affordable pricing does not always depict low quality. So find a balance in between. Make enquiries on prices of your top five (5) picks and cut it down to the one photographer whose pricing, philosophy, quality and style fits your budget.

Need options to start with? Have a look at our talented wedding photographers via this link.

SENA & AKOSUA ⚜ #TheMochias19


  • Photography- @focusnblur
  • Videography- @rippleeffectgh
  • Coordination- @whitechalktheplanner
  • Planner- @spec_planners
  • Decor- @kekeleventrentals


  • Kente gown- @pistisgh
  • Makeup- @mzl4wson
  • Hair- @revupsalon
  • Food- @Menscookgh
  • DJ- @djadom


  • Second dress- @Fakor___m
  • Earrings- @diya_accesoire
  • Welcome sign- @snappanelgh
  • Hashtag sign- @Designedbyjr_
  • Handfan- @hatboxco
  • Local drinks- @sipsgh
  • Cocktails- @cocktailsandstarters
  • Favors- @nokwareskincare
  • Engagement wrapping- @marshmallowgifts

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