Seth & Efua: The Walk Down the Aisle


The big day is finally here! You’ve been so excited about your wedding, and everything has been well planned. There’s a wedding rehearsal at your venue, and then it suddenly hits you! Who’s actually walking you down the aisle?

Modernity has taken over weddings. Day in, day out new things get added to the usual routines and honestly, they are pretty exciting. One of such things that have changed over time, is who gets to walk the bride down the aisle.
Over the years, fathers of the bride have assumed that role. But today’s bride has options!

“A female child in those days was known to be property of her father and so the transferring of “ownership” to her groom on her wedding day was indeed a legality. The tradition of ‘giving away’ would signify that the bride’s family would no longer have control over her or her possessions”


Seth’s groomsman and Efua’s bridesmaid walking down the aisle


Traditionally, a father walks his daughter down the aisle — as a way of saying he’s giving away her hand in marriage. However, traditions keep evolving and it’s no secret. Besides, several situations are to account for these.

1. Dad passed away

As long as we live, we cannot do away with death. No matter how unfortunate, life still goes on even after you lose someone as important as your father. So in such an instance, who takes up this role on your wedding day?

In the Akan tribe, there’s a saying — “Agya bi wu a, agya bi te ase”. This translates to mean “if one father dies, another lives”. Therefore, regardless of your biological father’s absence, there’s always another person to fill in his shoes. Normally, the extended family picks another father figure for you, during the funeral rites. This could be an uncle or an older, responsible relative of your father’s. Definitely this person would have to play the role of walking you down the aisle.

If not, your older brother could step in.


2. Blended families

Sometimes, you have more than one father. Yes, there are step-fathers who might even be much closer than biological fathers. When it’s time to get married, it becomes a dilemma as to who to choose. But not to worry; you’re a modern day bride 😉

“Some people choose to walk arm-in-arm with both men or have one dad walk them halfway, with a “hand-off” to the second dad”, The Spruce recommends.

Or you can man up and take on the emotional task of explaining to one, (especially the biological one) why you picked the other.


3. Single Mother

This is as simple as it looks. If you were single-handedly raised by your mother, it means she basically took on all the responsibilites regarding your life. So she has the sole right to give you away in marriage.

Female power!! 😉


4. Your own children

In situations where it’s the bride’s second wedding, and she has grown up children from her previous marriage, one should be allowed to give her away.

Preferrably her oldest son. It’s totally the modern thing to do 😀


5. All alone

Truthfully, there’s no written law anywhere that says you have to walk down the aisle with someone. It’s just ‘tradition’.

If you decide you want to walk alone —  perhaps no one can fill the shoes of your late father, or it’s what you damn well please, then just do it!


6. No aisle walk

To avoid all this confusion, it’s sometimes a good option to not have an aisle walk at all.

“Some couples expressly plan it so that they mingle with their guests before the ceremony, and then, without drawing any attention to themselves, stand in front of their officiant. The ceremony begins without any processional at all”, The Spruce added.



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