Kofi & Akosua: The Best Part


Wedding ceremonies follow the same processes for the most part. Even wedding receptions have a common pattern all across the nation. But do you really have to follow rules at your OWN wedding? Our guess is no.

Creativity forms a huge part of events, and once you get the chance, you should bring out the inner you. But at the same time, not everyone can be naturally creative. Good thing is creativity can be learnt, to say the least.

Therefore, in this piece, we would talk about some interesting ways of making your wedding fun. Fresh, colorful ideas and activities you can incorporate into your plans– guaranteed to give the best of memories.

Kofi and Akosua couldn’t get enough of their special night



1. Add meaning to your seating

Always one-way seating arrangements in Ghana! Why not try a pattern to add some flair? The round table seating arrangement is classic but face it– it’s so outdated. Explore newer styles like the ‘serpentine’, which features slightly curved tables that when put together, looks like a ‘serpent’. Another interesting option is to create a bar/ lounge setting for your reception. Or a U-turn arrangement.
A mix n’ match style is perfect because it combines all seating patterns like round, family, square styles etc.


“The best celebrations incorporate personal, fun and unique touches to keep guests smiling and talking about it long after the last dance.”


2. Create a food station

Instead of a good-old buffet setting, give your guests a choice by putting together a food station. This means guests would have the chance to combine various meals to their own tastes– on their own. The true ‘serve yourself’.


3. Surprise Entertainment

Often, entertainment at weddings means a singer or at best, a celebrity guest. How about you plan a true surprise with someone or something no one can think of? For instance, bring in a magician to do some tricks, or a comedian to have people laugh their lungs out. Another options is going out for fireworks, if your reception goes till evening.


4. Have a lounge setup

If you can afford it and have the space, setting up a lounge area around your reception area is not a bad idea. Instead of having your guests sit around the same tables all night, or even after dinner’s over. The change of environment would make your event different from the rest– and memorable too.


5. Plan for the kids

Unless prohibited on the invitation, children are bound to be at your wedding reception. And we all know how kids get with the noise and over-excitement. Solve these by doing something special for just them.

To keep the little ones entertained throughout the night, give them their own designated area. In a separate room, arrange for an overseer to set up and coordinate their movements. Fun things like treats, movies, games etc would easily catch their attention and keep kids preoccupied. This way the adults can also come out to play.


6. No dinner; just small doses of energy

Try canceling out the dinner option and replace that with varieties of dishes in small portions. Five or more smaller courses of meals would work; and sometimes are an even cheaper alternative. Trust us, your guests would get fuller even quicker ūüėČ



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