Josh & Loretta: A Forever Union


When a man and woman decide to come together as one, they do so in ALL things. Yes this is so cliché, yet very necessary to re-emphasize. Why? Because most of the time, when it’s time to plan the wedding, finances become a big deal! We find ourselves forgetting that we are one in all things, and try to push expenses on either parties or their families.

Over the years, wedding expenses have taken many forms and have survived many rules. In the past, it was accepted in many cultures that the bride and her family to foot all wedding bills. And when we say all, we mean everything from the ceremony to the outfits, catering, photography, entertainment, flowers, wedding cake– you name it! All the groom and his family needed to do was to show up with the rings, wedding gifts, and plan the rehearsal dinner if there was one.

However, times and tides have changed and it’s a whole different ball game now. In Ghana now, the groom pretty much pays for the most part. But does it have to be so?
In this article, we would highlight wedding expenses and match them with the cost bearers.


Loretta and Josh’s traditional marriage ceremony



Although the cost was ‘unfairly’ distributed in the past, modern couples have their own ways of paying for the wedding. Here are the common expenditures:

1.Pre- Wedding Events: The entire crew

Pre-wedding events consist of so many things these days. So this is a simple breakdown:


  • Groom’s family plans and hosts the rehearsal dinner, if there’s one.
  • Maid of honor and bridesmaids host the bridal shower and bachelorette party.
  • Best man and groomsmen host the bachelor party.
  • Friends may throw additional engagement parties or showers.


2. Invitations

In the past, the bride’s family would handle the invites, as they were eager to make a good impression on the guests. Currently, most couples just prefer to print their cards, giving their parents’ names prominence. Or better still, send out digital copies at basically no cost.


3. Rings

Ring selection is done by the couple, and traditionally the groom pays for both the bride’s rings; while she pays for his. But these days, the couple pays for them all– no two ways about that.


4. Wedding outfits, Makeup, shoes etc

It’s simple: The bride pays for that which concerns her and the groom does same. In the event of outfits for the wedding party; i.e the groomsmen and bridal train, it is only courteous for the couple to foot those bills. But you barely see that happen these days, do you? 😀


5. Traditional Wedding/ Engagement Party: The Bride’s Family

We cannot completely throw the old away; some things would always stand– and this is one of such. With the knocking ceremony inclusive, decor, catering, entertainment, engagement favors and gifts are all paid for by the bride. However, since many people are now opting for only the traditional wedding, the couple might as well come together to split organizational costs. The wedding favors, no matter what, are still paid for by the bride.


6. White Wedding

Depending on how you plan to do it, the white wedding is usually covered for by the couple themselves. If you decide to get wed in the church, there’s very little cost and the couple is expected to pay. Yet if you plan for some sort of a destination wedding, parents of both the bride and groom may chip in.


7. Accommodation & Transportation

Some guests and family would have to travel in to attend the wedding. Both the bride and groom’s families culturally pay for that. But these days, people rather sort out their own accommodation as a gift to the couple.
Transportations for the couple and the wedding party, is however the bride’s responsibility.


8. Reception

This constitutes the biggest chunk of wedding expenses. With decoration & styling at the top of the list, wedding receptions can cost a fortune! So it’s an “All Hands On Deck” situation. The couple, their parents and sometimes the extended family would all have to pool resources to sponsor this.

A small advice though: DO NOT go for a loan to cater for your wedding reception. It’s not a good thing to start a marriage with a debt hanging over your neck! Simply opt for things you can afford and keep it simple.




  • Photography?: @focusnblur
  • Makeup- @pdk_makeup_artistry
  • Hairstylist – @Revupsalongh
  • Videography- @fnbfilms,
  • DJ – @K_Crack


  • Bridesmaids makeup- @truddysmakeup_artistry
  • Mc- @Georgebannerman
  • Food – Aunti U special
  • Souvernirs @carissa_accessries_and_events
  • Accessories- @rubeadzg
  • Hair- @revupsalongh
  • Local drinks- @africanbrews_and_more


  • Bridesmaids dress – @dark.made
  • Groomsmen kaftan- @Kennethtetteh_
  • Groom kaftan – @Kennethtetteh_
  • Groom agbada- @herthesir_concept
  • Cake: @cake_beacon

Loretta & Josh #TheSiskos19

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