The Owusus: Beautiful Beginnings


What shows that someone is married? What changes in your lifestyle? Can you not stay the same though married? These are pressing questions, that are — at best — answered halfway.

However, you can only answer this question right if you do have an answer for this — Why are you getting married? If you are doing it for the right reasons and not because you were either pressured to or felt left out, then we can talk.

Mr & Mrs Owusu looking glam on their wedding day. Shot by @kwakunickolarz_photography



There’s no clear path for marriage. It’s as fuzzy as the future. But like the future, you hold some 90% power over the direction your marriage would take. And it all depends on your lifestyle after vows are shared.


So to the first question: What shows that someone is married?

Aside the conventional marriage symbol, which is the ring, your behaviour should also be a dead giveaway. You can no longer act as an individual ‘everything you do must be considered from your husband or wife’s point of view.’ Not suggesting you mention your partner’s name in every sentence, but your decisions, movements, and even language should depict that of a married person.


What changes in your lifestyle?

The next thing to look at is the changes in your lifestyle. In the real world, not much should change in your lifestyle — except that everything must be done in moderation. Remember that communication is the basis of every successful marriage. Thus even in your alone time, you ought to keep your spouse in the loop.


Can you not stay the same though married?

It largely depends on the person you got married to. Is he/she your bestfriend aside being your spouse? There’s certainly a difference between a friend and a lover, and that is why experts always recommend marrying a friend.

Friends are honest, trustworthy, loyal and take care of each other. Friends are also tolerant and respect each other’s views. Therefore, strive to have a friendship in your union and you can easily stay the same — simply because your partner can compromise.



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