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Everything has its own code. For instance, in the world of software developers you’d hear words like html, java, bugs, script, css and the like. So, weddings alike have their own terminlogies.

To be on top of your game, there are a few important terms you would need to understand. It not only makes the planning process flow easily, but may come in handy when you need to help someone else with their wedding.

 So let’s learn some terms, shall we?


Comfort glowing in love on her engagement day. Shot by @morisbphotos



Weddings have their own language, and you have to get familiar. Just so you don’t get lost whenever your planner speaks, here are some important terms (A to C words):

1. Aisle

Ever heard the term ‘walk down the aisle’? It’s simply the path between rows of seats in a church or any venue set for the wedding. People often customize their aisles using ‘aisle runners’. These are materials used to cover the aisle, initially used to protect a bride’s gown from dirt. These days aisle runners just give a “regal” touch to the ceremony.


2. Altar

In the wedding world, the altar is the physical spot where you and your partner will exchange vows, whether the ceremony is religious or otherwise.


3. Bouquet

These are the bundles of flowers you and your bridesmaids will carry down the aisle.


4. Bouquet toss

This is when the bouquet is tossed by the bride in a ceremonial gesture, and the single woman who catches it is said to be the next to marry. A little history suggests that this tradition stems from England.
Women were said to rip out the bride’s dress in order to secure some of her good luck for themselves. To escape, the bride would toss her bouquet at them and run away. 


5. Boutonniere

This refers to the spray of flowers worn (usually) by a male in their buttonhole. They can replace lapel pins or can be used together with them.


6. Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids are the bride’s number one girls. This group can include sisters, friends, cousins, daughters – whoever is closest to the bride. They walk alongside the bride on the aisle, and accompany the bride pretty much everywhere.


7. Buck’s/ Bachelor’s night

Refers to the party thrown by groomsmen to celebrate a groom’s ‘last night as a single man’. In modern times, there are bachelorettes (bridal showers) for brides to celebrate, for this same purpose. Also thrown by her bridesmaids, these could be anything from wild parties to basic sporty activities.


8. Canapé

What we usually refer to as ‘small chops’ in Ghana, are actually called canapes or finger foods. They are often baked and decorated small pieces of bread, puff pastry, or a cracker topped with some savoury food, held in the fingers and often eaten in one bite.


9. Celebrant

This refers to the paid professional who officiates your marriage at your wedding ceremony. They also sign your marriage certificates. Whether they’re a member of the clergy, a judge, or your best friend who got ordained online, a celebrant is the only one with the power to pronounce you “married.” Note that this is different from a religious head like a priest.


10. Charger

Certainly not what you’re thinking (no, it’s not for your phone). In wedding context, a charger is a larger plate that is used as the base of a place setting, essentially replacing a placemat. Plated courses are placed on top of the charger, which can also be removed before the serving of the main course if you prefer.


More of wedding terminologies to roll out in our subsequent articles. Be on the lookout 😉



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