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What’s better than raising a toast to love? Absolutely nothing! And drinks form a part of every merry situation; birthdays, graduations, weddings, christenings; even non-merry making events like funerals.

However, you should have a guide on what to serve, how much to serve and how much to spend on them in general. The manner in which you set up your bar should also be considered. And this article has all the answers!

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Might sound funny but there really is a guide for serving drinks. Indeed, you can stock up anyway you’d want, but for that perfect reception and of course to manage the alcohol limit for guests, you need to plan. Below is a standard plan:


1. Know your crowd

Only you know the kind of guests your wedding reception would be made of. If half your guests don’t drink, adjust accordingly. If your loved ones drink beer, but hate wine, well, don’t have a wine-only reception.

Ultimately, you know best what your loved ones expect and what you care about. So work around this knowledge.


2. Set a Budget

If you’ve had the chance to plan any event before, you’d know that drink costs are no walk in the park. So to save yourself from overspending, you should create a budget.

Take a quick head count of potential drinkers and do a little math to get a rough estimate of how much each guest might consume.


3. Decide what to buy

This is the tough part — choosing the exact drinks to stock. On an average, it is believed 50% of party guests opt for wine, whereas 20% prefer beer or liquor, and the remainder just go for either non-alcoholic sodas or juices. Having this in mind gives you an idea of the brands to go for.

Furthermore, it is wise to buy two (2) brands of a particular drink type say Club and Heineken for beer only. This not only helps with budgetting, but aids you in controlling the amount of alcohol guests consume. No one wants a drunk crowd!


4. Create a bar

If figuring all these out is too time-consuming for you, the easiest but somewhat costlier option for you is to create a bar. Having a bar, however, gives you a number of ideas to work with.

For instance, you could limit drink intake using a bar. How? Offering to pay for a limited number of drinks per person is one. You can achieve this by using drink tickets.

On the other hand, you can setup a cash bar where guests pay for their own drinks. A cash bar can eliminate the cost of alcohol from your wedding budget altogether and provides your guest with their choice of beverage. This can be tricky especially in our type of society, but if you think your crowd can handle it without grumbling, then bring it on!



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