No one is trying to get married these days without a pre-wedding shoot. And honestly, we cannot blame them. What most of us do not realize is that there’s some significance to pre-wedding shoots.


Aside it being a visual announcement about your wedding, there are other things it stands for. For instance, it gives you a one-time chance to get comfy behind the camera—before the big day. Now this is advantageous, especially for camera-shy couples.

Plus, there’s more!


NK & SK’s Pre-Wedding Photoshoot



The truth is, YOU MUST HAVE ONE! Yeah it may seem like a ‘waste of funds’ today, but trust us, you would see the essence sooner than later.

Not convinced? Okay, here are five attempts to convince you then:

1. No more camera nerves

Like we already stated, pre-wedding shoots are a means to a wonderful end. How so? It’s one thing taking pictures in private, and another when hundreds of people are facing you. So many shy nerves can kick in and you may end up ruining photos of your most important day.

So need a solution? A pre-wedding shoot! With this, you get to become familiar with your photographer, and most importantly your partner. You can practice poses you’re comfortable with, get used to your photographer’s directions and figure out your best angles. Nothing would make you feel at ease more on the D-day!

2. Trials and the like

The best time to get a hair and makeup trial is during the pre-wedding shoot. On the wedding day, there would be so much pressure and so little time to test out these things. You might end up settling for whatever makeup/hair blunders, if there are any.

Save yourself the stress and embarrassment by trying your stylist out with a photoshoot—to see how you’d look in professional photos.

3. The Invitation

Come on we’re in 2019 – you cannot be possibly thinking of sending out ‘dry invitation cards’ with no pictures. The world has evolved to a more visual one – pictures and videos rule. So if you think sending out an invitation video feels ‘corny’, do it with photos then. A pre-wedding shoot gives you a wide variety to pick from to add that spark to your invitation/ save the date cards.

4. The Reception glam

As part of your wedding reception décor, you can feature photographs from your pre-wedding shoot. For an even more special effect, set aside 5-10 minutes in the evening, pick some beautiful music to go with it, and wow your guests with a slideshow highlighting your love story. Who knows, you might just win wedding of the year 😉


5. The Wedding Album & Wall art

Last but not least, if all these did not convince you, this should! Think about your wedding album—it tells the story of the biggest day of your lives, as well as your love story.

So what better way to begin the story by including some images from your pre-wedding shoot?

Again, you can decorate your new home by displaying some canvases or hard copies of your photos on your bedroom walls, hallways, dining areas etc.


Marriage is a long journey—full of ups, downs, excitement and despair. Sometimes, the passion would die out, and there can be moments where you’d want to give up. However, having something to remind you about the adrenaline you once felt for your partner can rekindle the love all over again— taking you back to before…and save your marriage.

This is what the pre-wedding photoshoot essentially does…


Come on, this time you definitely bought it 😀









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