DK & Tracy: The D-Day!


Daniel and Tracy were set to get married in a beautiful ceremony… and what a ceremony it was! Aside it being lovely, it was unlike any of the weddings out there.

The garden was clean and colorful– there were fresh flowers everywhere. The seating was perfect– comfortable chairs coupled with splendid symmetry. Plus, with a couple of special guests in attendance, the crowd was just right. Not too many yet enough to make the couple smile.

And oh we cannot forget the couple, who graced the aisle in elegance. DK looked absolutely magnificent, suited up like a real gentleman ready to whisk away his bride. While Tracy walked in, in the most angelic dress– with a smile which
makes you not just smile back, but makes you feel like the day could not get any better…

The story could go on and on. But what is a story if you cannot watch it come to life?

Here are the visuals of DK & Tracy’s big day…



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