Selorm & Edna: The Journey Together


Ghana is blessed with so much culture.  Each ethnic group/tribe has its own way of showing how they do their things, and the beauty in them. One of these tribes is the Ewe/Anlo group. Probably the most ‘lowkey’ tribes in terms of displaying their traditions, the Ewe have a slightly distinctive way of carrying out marriage ceremonies.

Edna doing the Agbadza– the cultural dance of the Ewe/Anlo tribe



In this article, we highlight a few elements of an Ewe traditonal wedding. Through this, you’d realize all Ghanaian tribes are similar in our own way. So let’s delve straight into it!


Like we’ve already established, each tribe is unique but still similar. For instance; almost all tribes (Ewe inclusive) accept money & special drinks for the first step– knocking. But then there’s more.


1. Knocking Ceremony — Vofofo

During the knocking ceremony, the groom sends a pot of palm wine is sent to his bride’s father. This process is usually handled by the groom’s aunts (both materna and paternal), to make his bride’s parents aware of their intentions. The traditonal name given to this is “vofofo” which translates to ‘knocking ceremony’. The bride’s family then begins their background checks on the groom and his family.

2. Thanksgiving Drink — Akpedaha

After a week or two, the groom sends his family to seek for an answer from his bride’s parents. A drink– often ‘palm wine’ (local alcohol), is sent along to thank the woman’s family. This drink is referred to as  “akpedaha”. Previously, after the akpedaha, the man helped his in-laws on their farms, mended their roofs, and cut firewood for them. This practice is also known as “sagolabla” (service to your in-laws).

Among the Anlos, however, the knocking fee is instantly paid when the groom’s family goes for an answer to their request. This fee is known as ‘vɔlenu’. The Vɔlenu comes in the form of drinks also– two bottles of locally brewed or imported gin. The families agree on a date for the actual marriage ceremony.

3. Marriage ceremony

Before the appointed date, the groom’s family first sends over the marriage payment or dowry. This is known as ‘Srɔnu’, and is also presented by his aunts. On the agreed date, the marriage is consummated in a process called ‘ɖoɖoabadzi’. A number of other items are sent along which include clothing items, jewelry, other drinks, tobacco etc.

Before the bride joins her husband, a short prayer is said to the ancestors asking for their blessings for the couple. After the prayer, the bride is taken away by the husband’s aunts accompanied by her own aunts. Or, a date is set for her to join her husband.



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Congratulations Edna

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