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Weddings are meant to be beautiful, just as this one. It’s that one day of sheer excellence, vibrance, love and class. The colors should be right, the decor must be out of the world and the audience should be lit…or green with envy 🙂 When you look back, it should give you chills or at least a wide smile.

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Yet having a glam wedding comes at such a cost. And like we always say, it’s not worth it to break your bank for a wedding. So in this article, we’d show you how to still make your wedding look ‘expensive’– but at a lower cost.


1. Small but mighty

Huge weddings cost a fortune, so why don’t you go small? A smaller wedding leaves you with more money to invest in what matters. Rent a smaller venue and limit your guests to about a hundred (100) or less, if you may. One way of limiting the attendance is by renting a private estate or vacation home out of town. Take it from us, only those who matter would show up. This way you can splurge more on elegant decor, good food and most importantly, your own look.

2. Light it up!

Want your venue to look exclusive? Then, after you plan everything ( in moderation) squeeze into your budget, something more for classy lighting. Chic, modern lighting makes every event look more expensive than it actually is. So keep this tip in mind 😉

3. Drinks and sweets

Most weddings serve cooked food for their reception, and that could be a little pricey depending on the number of guests. So change the game with a beautiful cocktail reception, and a dessert bar. Fewer bottles of drinks would be enough for many, and a platter of sweet pastries creates the right balance. However, make sure to let your guests know in advance lol!

4. Swagging as a hobby

Another easy way of making your wedding look extravagant, is prescribing the right clothes for ceremony workers. For instance, getting waiters and waitresses white gloves to wear is class for less.

5. Rent a dress

Now we know this might sound a bit uncomfortable, but it sure is an option if you want elegance. Maybe you cannot afford your dream dress, just rent it. It’s a one-time event for one-time memories– plus you’d have tons of pictures and videos to fall back on. So don’t overthink it, just rent it!

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6. Candles and flowers

These two never go out of style. Decorate your guest’s tables with nice-looking candles and natural flowers. You just need to find a vase with water (colored water for a better look) to put them in. Also, you can throw in some artistic centre pieces (borrow them from friends if you can).

7. Different music

DJs charge per hour and wedding d’ing usually costs a lot. So spice it up with a different style of music. You could hire a live band service/ professional saxophonist/ guitarist for a good bargain during the eating/ cocktail period. Then switch to the DJ for a couple of hours during the dance session. More for less, easy peasy!

8. Fancy Writing

Calligraphy is a huge trend right now and doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg! Have a calligrapher create something catchy with your initials and make a digital copy. You can get them printed with a local printing press, and have them framed. Hang them around your venue to create an expensive feel.

9. Skip the wedding favors

Either that or you minimize it. There’s no need for a return gift after someone gives you one. People have a lot piled up already from other weddings they attended. So to save you some cash, you could rather settle on a cheaper but different favor. For instance, a simple thank you card tied in a pretty ribbon, in your wedding colors, is nice. Or a ‘Thank You’ doughnut/cupcake in a fancy box would work. Trust us; the keyrings, mugs and handkerchiefs are becoming a cliche.

10. Add some bling

Ever heard of ‘faux crystals’? Yeah they’re called that for a reason. Make your event sparkle with these cheap stones on your bouquets, the cake, invitations, place cards and menus. Glass beads are excellent alternatives also.






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