Sam & Konadu got hitched! #theDzegblors19


Not too long ago, we were saving the date for these two lovebirds. A couple of weeks down the line, Sam & Konadu are now officially husband and wife.

But before we show you the exclusives from their big day; let’s talk a bit about wedding gowns, shall we?

Selecting a dress for a dinner date is one thing, but picking a wedding gown is another ‘wahala’ on its own. And unlike a dinner date, there are no wedding redo’s– so your dress either pops or it doesn’t.

Konadu admiring her elegant gown before the ceremony

But then again, there’s no need to fuss about this– we have the answers! Here are a few things to consider when selecting a wedding gown:


1. Know what works for your body

Bridal gowns come in many designs, but not all would be right for your stature. Most importantly your bust type. “If you have a small bust and shapely thighs and hips, think about an A-line fit”, Wiki How advices. An A-line fit is a typical gown which firmly holds the top and flares gently from the waist to form an “A” shape. Note that this might not work well fo

However, if you have a large bust, a square-neck dress would work fine to avoid any ‘mishaps’ with a strapless gown.

Several gown types you can pick from. Source: Pinterest

2. Colors that define you

Modernity is the order of the day and Ghanaians are succumbing gradually to it. With that being said, you can sway from the traditional wedding colors– white and ivory, to something more trendy– pink, blue or even red if you please. Anything that spells out your personality is ideal. Or you can play it a bit safe with the royal colors– silver or gold.

3. Consider the season

The climate is one thing you should definitely look at when picking a dress. In Ghana, where we often have warm weathers, your gown should not be heavy. Light weight fabrics are ideal for the breeze, whereas satin, velvet and layered wedding gowns should be avoided. Also, pick a gown which allows easy ventilation– you do not want to add sweat to your wedding day stress.

4. The setting dictates

After taking into consideration the weather, think about the actual setting of your wedding. Does it call for a gown with a full overflowing bottom? Or does a more layered gown with many embellishments? Consider your venue and type of wedding before making such decisions.

5. Make sure to fit

Don’t leave anything to chance– get that dress fitted as many times as you can. But if for some reason you cannot get fitted before your wedding day, try to get a backup dress as a ‘security’ measure.

Once you’ve been able to figure out your best-fit, your wedding is merely a step away from being your most magical moment ever 😉




  • Couple : @sam_dzeg & @naidu_herself
  • Decor: whitecarpereventsgh
  • Catering: Joyco Catering Services
  • Music: Rockerz Sounds
  • Local Bar: Aketekyiwaa GH
  • Groom’s Outfit: Wardrobeyak, Suits & More H/C


  • Groomsmen outfit : Smart Tailors
  • Bride’s Wardrobe: Suzhou Love Season Wedding Dress
    Wendels Accessories
    Ices and Pearls Events
  • Bride’s Second Dress: Raj’s Fashions


  • Hair: byannie_ , bukslay
  • Makeup: Glamtouch9
  • Wedding Cake: Chayil Cakes
  • Photography: kingkwekuananse

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